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V for vendetta is a movie based on the novel of alan moore with the same name.The movie talks about Great Britain in the future and how the government controls the people, religion, art and everything they do, their political leaders are representing the fascist with their totalitarian ideology in the government that has taken over england. it was so political with the idea of controlling people and how revolutions are made and i know it’s not that easy it can’t be happening from a man and his fancy swords but the idea of giving his soul for his country and showing his people the dark side of their government is the reason why they wanted the system to go down.The main protagonist of the movie is V, a man who was labeled by the government as a terrorist after blowing up the old Bailey building, the way the director introduced  V was so astonishing and poetic literally and figuratively, then he introduces the other characters one them is Eevy, she is a down to earth civilian her character is very easy to relate to which makes the scenes of when she were being tortured a lot more powerful and how the character development were made for her from the beginning to the end, it looks like she is a different character. And last but not least the dictator of england Adam Sutler, we can barely see him face to face he is always behind the big television screen, the one who give orders to his henchmen and  they always obey.One of the things i personally like about this movie is how it’s able to show how easy for a government to become corrupt by showing images that symbolizes human atrocities that were commited by other governments.There is a lot of ideologies in this movie i will be discussing propaganda, totalitarianism and fascism, so propaganda is information especially of a biased or misleading nature used to promote a political cause or point of view, presenting facts selectively perhaps lying by omission to encourage a particular synthesis or using loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than irrational response to the information presented.Totalitarianism is encompassing of all the things under the regulation of a monolithic, everything is absorbed into it and nothing can exist outside of it including society, culture, religion, art and politics collapsed into a single entity which takes total control of all aspects of life.Fascism is a political philosophy that exalts nation and often race over the individual, it is usually coupled with a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial that typically imposes severe social and economic regimentation, along with the forceful suppression of any opposition.Now the idea of the film by my explanation is basically how can the people stand together side by side to end the iniquity of their countries and they can rise with their own power, on the other hand some people from the united states of america thought that this movie was made to encourage the arab terrorists at the time to do more suicidal bombing and terror acts from Al Qaeda and blow more towers like 9/11, so my discussion will be on what was the movie talking about and how did it affect the people who watched it, with the research of the elements of the movie and the major ideologies in the movie, some characters breakdown and the techniques were used in this film to tell a story.V for vendetta represents the rebellion against iniquity of the injustice government of england in the future. The director symbolized the film to juxtapose the idea of individuality and rebelling against obedience. Throughout the movie the main character tries to win the citizens support and it started to grow more and more over the conformity of the government.”V” the protagonist was a victim of the Larkhill Detention Centre by the government in order to know more about the human body’s ability to survive. V was the only human to escape and survive from the Larkhill detention centre. When he got out he got his mind free and he only thought about how can he bring justice to him and the others who could not make it, so he decided to kill those who played a role at Larkhill detention centre, while v for vendetta does eventually succeed many people were killed and injured in the process, that’s why the way he took vengeance is not seen justice. Another theme of verdict and power is used to demonstrate he force that one person have on society its also trying of indicate the power of “chancellor sultor” by showing how he is dominate. In the scene where the chancellor addressing the nation. His shots are often shown from a lower angle that means that he is dominant and we are the ones who look up for him. Now stereotyping is also a theme in this movie, fascist government created so many strict rules such as the curfew and the kind of music to listen and how fingermen can do whatever they want just because they can, an example for that is when people were not allowed to be exposed to other religions, painting and being gay all of these were a considered as a crime and there is some scenes that expresses that like the scene where mid camera shots are taken of “V” while cooking breakfast for eve with an apron that has flowers on it and greets her saying hello miss in french which indicates his class and sophistication, another scene is when eve’s boss has introduced eve to his secret room the one that contains the quran copy from the 14th century and the painting of Adam the dictator in the body of Queen elizabeth.The visual techniques were used perfectly in this movie and one of these tools was symbolizes, the most important symbol used was V’s mask, the reason why he puts a mask the director’s vision was to not give V an identity, but merely to make him a symbol. It’s the symbol of being everyone in the country and not as an individual, he represents all the people that the government did wrong to. When he wears a mask, V becomes something bigger. V becomes the living personification of an ideal. The mask is made after Guy Fawkes, who is known for trying to blow up the british parliament in the 5th of November, 1606. In the scene with V and the dominoes, it mixes jump cuts between two scenes with the dominoes falling represents the fingermen and their government and the people of london rebelling against the government, the jump between the two scenes represents the idea of the government is falling and V’s plan is happening.The element that affects us in the background but we don’t really pay attention to is music, the song being played every time V’s bombs are destroying a government building, the house of the Parliament and the Old bailey is called 1812 Overture it was made to commemorate russia’s defense of moscow against Napoleon’s advicing army in the battle of Borodino which russia ended up winning.One of the most poetic and psychologically affects everyone and leads to the satisfying conclusion is the last scene, it starts with a wide shot of the entire area, showing the protagonist “V” and the police officers that are surrounding him. The editor cuts to a close-up of V in the scene to show who is the threat in this scene. Then cuts to V again but as a shot reverse shot with the antagonist, V is stood alone to symbolize that he is alone in the fight.The camera cuts to a close up of a soldier as he looks confident as they are sure that they will succeed. The camera is position on eye level which suggests that this upcoming fight, its either V or the police.We then cut to a long shot, the frame has V and two officers on both side of him, when they begin to move towards him. The camera goes to a medium close-up in which the two officers are seen also, as V is lighted properly and the officers are in silhouette mode, this shows that V has something over them, it shows that he may win the battle.The camera then cuts to a long shot as V begins to remove the men’s guns and unsheathe his knives, this switches to various medium close-ups whilst using very slight shaky cam and invisible edits to hide the actual stunt work and show the movement that is taking place.It then cuts to a long shot from behind of V as the audience are facing the officers, as if the audience are about to face off against them. Shot reverse shot is exchanged between V and the chief of police as tension builds between the two rivals, leaving the audience questioning who will start this battle.Ideologies in V for vendettaIdeologies in V for vendetta were obvious, there was fascism, propaganda, totalitarianism, anti-capitalism and much more, but my interest was in the first three.Totalitarianism is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority, usually totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda campaign, which is disseminated through the state-controlled mass media. The idea of totalitarianism was originally established in 1920s by a german jurist and later by nazi academic Carl Schmitt, it’s somehow connected with the italian fascist Benito mussolini, he said; it politicize everything human and spiritual. ” Schmitt used the term, totalstaat, in his influential work on the legal basis of an all-powerful state”.Fascism is a radical authoritarian nationalism by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce that came to prominence in early 20th-century europe. The first fascist movement was based in italy during the first world war before it moves to other european countries. Opposed to liberalism, marxism and anarchism. Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties such a state is led by a strong leader, such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party to forge national unity and maintain stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature and views political violence, war and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. In the movie fascism and totalitarianism was pictured in the government of england and the fingermen, they controlled everything and everyone, they expelled all the muslims, banned music they did not like, destroyed the art pieces that were made to make fun of them and even arrested or murdered everyone thats against them or have anything from the banned things, the director’s point of view about fascism and totalitarianism  was very clear and obvious, he was not making fun of any government nor he was encouraging terrorist acts he was just against these and he explained every theory in a different character or scene, for example when police officers went to arrest Gordon Deitrich they have arrested him because he was making fun of Adam Shuttler and then murdered because they found a quran in his home, another example is when the little girl was wearing Fawks’s mask and drawing a V letter on the wall one of the fingermen saw her and shot her with a bullet in the back and killed her, that’s the truth of these ideologies that some countries uses them in the meantime such as United States of America and some arab countries. Americans has hated this movie and made a lot of bad comments on it because it was post 9/11 crisis and how he symbolized V as a terrorist while actually he was the hero of the movie, basically the director said that it has nothing to do with 9/11 but he wanted to deliver a message of the unwanted government and to show the people that they have the power to control the government. One of the things i have always admired about this film is how its able to show just how fascism really plays a big role in our lives and how he symbolized it in the movie,one shot of the film we see a pile of dead bodies covered with limestone anyone would be able to look at the scene and be reminded of the holocaust, since that is the exact treatment the jewish victims of the third reich got after they died, however there was another scene in the prison where we see V walking and there were images that resembled the Abu Ghraib pictures from 2003, when the members of the United States Army unlawfully abuse at prisoners of the Iraq war.Propaganda is a subjective piece of information and used to make an impact on an audience and further an agenda, by using loaded language they produce an emotional and rational response to the information that is presented, propaganda is often associated with material prepared by governments, but activist groups, companies and the media can also produce propaganda in cooperation with the government. The thing i find interesting in this film is how the media can spread propaganda so wide it’s not that much different from how the news works in our time, the media is less concerned with giving people the news in an honest manner and instead they are more concerned with saying what politicians wants to hear and what other people to think, one lie from the film that always sticks with me is when i hear the news reporter says ” do you think people will buy this?” and then the director of the show answers ” why not, this is the BTN, our job is to report the news not fabricate it, that’s the government’s job.” throughout the film the news station BTN is working with the government to lie to its people so they don’t feel like they should be politically active, for example they use the footage of them shooting the decoy in order to make people feel safe and to convince the people that V is dead, that actually rings the bells of when the US used some footage to show that Bin laden is dead, or when they murdered Saddam Hussein, this type of news fabrication is the reason why most people who are politically active don’t believe the talking heads on fox news or CNN the only difference is that these people seem to plant dear in the minds of their viewers in order to get more money, another example is when the virus ebola hit the states everyone one was panicking because of

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