Vehicle vehicle can be a collection of materials

Vehicle function is a means of transference for owners to be able to travel anywhere. But in some people, the vehicle can be a collection of materials that have high artistic value. Call it an antique car, this type of car has a fairly old age and only a few units in this world. Although his age is quite old, but the price of this car is quite expensive because the design is different from the current output car.1. Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale CoupeFerrari 330 GTC Speciale Coupe is one car that also has its own uniqueness that makes the Ferrari 330 GTC Special Coupe is one of the most expensive antique cars in the world.Being one of the pride for the Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale Coupe, rarely the car that entered into the category of the most expensive antique car in the world if it really has not become antique. The car that still entered into the classic car class and Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale Coupe car produced in 1967.2. Ford GT40 Gulf MirageWhen viewed from the body of the exterior, this car is designed with a look like a race car. This car is also designed with a tough appearance used on the track at the time.This car is designed with a very handsome appearance and has a modern two-seat design. Coupled with the design of gambot tires that are in the front and rear of the car. But behind all that, this car has a fairly old age and is classified into an antique car.Ford GT40 Gulf Mirage is a car output from a Dutch company that is already famous for its production of racing cars. This car is priced at a fairly expensive about 11 million US dollars or reach 150 billion rupiah. This expensive price is equivalent to the quality, technology used and the age of the car. This car is quite popular in various upper circles, even this car is used in a movie with the title “Le Mans” in 1971.3. Mercedes Benz 540 K Special Roadstar 1936This car does have the same name as the mercedes benz car previously described. This car is also one of the output of Mercedes Benz which was launched in 1936. This car was first used by a nobleman from Prussia.This car is sold at a price that is quite expensive. At the last auction, the Mercedes Benz 540 K Special Roadsta 1936 is priced at around 160 billion in 2012 at Gooding & Co auction house, Pebble Beach, California. There are at least 30 units of vehicles on this type of car.This inexpensive car with the brand Mercedes Benz 540 K Special Roadstar is also very suitable for those of you who want to have the most expensive antique car in the world. With Budget 160 M you already have a rare car and also very few people who own this antique car. Even if anyone has this antique car would have been different modifications.4. Bugatti Royale type 41 Kellner CoupeAnother expensive antique car is Buggati Royale type 41 Kellner Coupe which was launched by Bugatti in 1927-1933 and only produced about 6 units of vehicle only. This is what causes the price of this car is fairly expensive about 133 billion rupiah.This car is designed with a noble look with a size of up to 6.7 m and equipped with a large enough engine that can make peforma machine tough. This car is capable of removing power from 275 hp to 300 hp. (Read also: Tips Remote Driving)The most expensive antique car model in the world has its own uniqueness that many want to have even for use in their daily activities. Already many cars – cars with the latest models and affordable prices but still many who want to use and collect this antique car whose price is also still quite high that is about 133 M.

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