Video ideas from the industry and how the

Video Game IndustryThe video game industry is one of the most money-making industries in the world as it is one of the most popular industries for entertainment today. But this was not always the case people may ask how they advanced so fast and where do they get the ideas. What If I tell you that people give the industry ideas from decisions of everyday life which then the industry tries to make the idea better and good in a video game and depends on the reviews of people they get they will continue advancing their ideas to try to sell the products to their audience.

In this blog I am going to talk about how the audience gets ideas from the industry and how the industry gets ideas for the audience to sell their products.In the 1980s an arcade game called Pac-Man it was the first game that made many kids go to the arcade it was a fun addicting game and did very good amongst the people playing it. But how did this game give a better aspect to gaming industry? Pac-Man soon became the most money-making game at the arcades with 1 billion dollars disappearing into the arcade slots and the biggest arcade game in the world till today.The gaming industry became bigger in the 1990s, Video games where becoming more popular as the technology advanced the creation of adventure games, strategy games and first-person shooters (FPS) games where becoming popular around the audience.’Nintendo’ and ‘Sega’ was the first to introduce the video game console which then Nintendo brought out the ‘Game Boy’ which was a hand-held video game machine.

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The Game Boy stayed very popular for around 15 years. It was priced around $97 and sold around 300,000 units in 2 weeks which has been marked in history due to its international success.The reason the Game Boy was a success because of its simple/basic design that you could controle easily and had a long lasting 30hr battrey life. With the Game Boy you could even play with your friends with a simple wire connector between to Game Boys wich at the time was an amazing idea for kids.Nintendo began a cycle resuscitating the american video game industry setting up a third party game publisher as we know it, the (NFS) Nintendo Entertainment System known as the fomicom and it was one of the first home consoles.Sony then introduced their ‘Playstation’ to the market. The development of the playstation started before the 16 – bit era.

At the time Nintendo was experimenting with the CD-ROM for the Famicom (due to its success in Japan) but had a few problems so then they decided to sign a contract with ‘Sony’ wich was on of the creators of the CD-ROM format (Philips) to create a CD add-on to the ‘Super Nintendo’ named SNES-CD. When Sony announced their playstation add-on, Nintendo announced their cancellation of the product as they where working to bring the Nintendo freniches on ‘Philips’ own console called the CD-i.



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