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Fabulous Vintage Ad For Cadillac, 1960s Advertisements are everywhere and there is no way that you can escape from them.

They all have their target audience who they have specially designed the ad for. In 1960’s, ads were getting popular to be on TV as well as newspapers. Ads in this decade were influenced by the cultural and social changes of the time. Advertising reflects a trend toward innovation, sophistication and growing youth culture both male and female.At this time there was abundance of mass-produced goods for ager consumers who enjoyed more freedom and had more income than previous generation. One of the famous ads of 1960 is called the Fabulous Ad for Cadillac. To analyze this ad I used the rhetorical order of ethos, pathos and logos.

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At this ad you will see a red sport Cadillac parked in a fancy looking place and a couple very formal walking toward the car. Target of this ad is both male and female in their late twenties or mid thirties. This ad catches the male side by getting their attention and interest drawn to the red sport Cadillac.

They also get the female attention by the logo made of diamonds and the lady who is wearing a pink gown next to a guy who is wearing tuxedos. Few things that made this ad stands for me were the color of the ad, the sophistication of the ad and the subject of the ad. The beautiful bright red and pink used in this ad Just gets the audience’s attention in no time. The red used for the car is mostly a famous color that young males like and the pink used for the ceiling, diamonds and the dress is a favorite color for girls.Overall he entire ad looks elegant; the tuxedo and the gown, the diamonds on top of the ad, the beautiful sport Cadillac all are probably a dream come true. Finally when it comes to the subject of the ad, it looks so real. The place where the couple is walking just looks beautiful with trees around it.

Where car is parked looks like to be in front of a fancy hotel that you wish to be there. It also shows the classy side of the sport Cadillac. By looking at other car ads in 1960 1 found two main different between the Cadillac one and others.

Other car advertisements were mostly about the speed or the omfort of the car and they usually try to prove that the car is as fast as a horse or as comfortable as a couch. On the other hand; this ad doesn’t say or show anything specific about the speed or the comfort of the Cadillac yet Just by looking at it you can tell the car is a fast sport car and it is comfortable for a dressed couple to drive it around. Another difference I noticed is the color of the ad.

Most of the car ads back in 1960 are black and white compare to the bright colors used in this ad.Finally this ad also interests you emotionally. Looking at it makes you wish to dress like the couple, to have that car and to be in a place Just like that. Not every ad can interest the consumer in this way. I could totally see myself wearing that dress and siting in that car. It takes you to another level of life that if you had the ability you would go for it. The Fabulous Cadillac ad meets all the criteria for me to go and actually buy the car.

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