Violence in Schools

Violence in Schools Violence in schools is a major problem most schools in the global world are faced with. Violence in schools has become an issue of great concern and has reached an all time high. There is so much going on in schools today, which has changed the school educational system and defaced it with increasing violence, gun violence, bullying, crime, sexual assault, physical assault, cultism, gang violence and burning down school buildings.There are several factors that are responsible for violence in schools: childhood memories of abuse and victimization in the family, consistent indiscipline of a child, divorce, health disorders, aggressive behavioral patterns, bad relationships, gang violence, illegal use of drugs, substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking pot and tobacco, low income, little or no parental involvement, communication or care, rejection by friends, low self esteem, low family values, antisocial attitudes and behavior.The trend of violence in schools has increased the danger it poses to life and properties.

Gun violence and school shooting is one type of violence that has taken a new toll in schools. Every student who has ever handled a gun to kill or shot others at school have been students who were mentally ill, depressed, emotionally stressed, marginalized or irritated. Kleinfield stated that, “ Seung-Hui Cho, who shot and killed 32 students and staff of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia had low self esteem and was a victim of bullying” (Kleinfield ).Bullying is rampant in schools and is an intoxication of power for which the bully harms, intimidates or physically assaults other students.

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Students bully other students by physical assault, cursing and jeering at the mistakes and deficiencies of others. The influence of bad association and cliques leads to violence. Students with good morals are often corrupted with bad influence from bad association and relationships which sometimes lead to crime, sexual assault and cultism. The burning down of thirty five computers in a school computer lab by a Hamilton Middle student who didn’t have any justifiable reason for doing so but for reasons of seeking fame, revenge or publicity is another form of violence in schools” (Lezon).

Violence in schools can be prevented and controlled by employing new strategies and methods. Beefing up security in schools is one strategy that will work effectively in protecting the lives of the students, teachers and all school properties. Stricter gun laws hould be enforced to reduce the way youths and teenagers purchase guns from pawn stores, only those with a license to bear arms should have access to a gun. Dr Pedro Noguera stated that, “the use of metal detectors in schools to detect weapons, the recruitment of security personnel and police officers to ensure peace and safety in schools, and the enforcement of zero tolerance policies will ensure discipline is enforced, which will reduce or eliminate completely acts of violence in schools” (Noguera 1997).

The use of metal detectors has proved to be very effective for screening especially in high sensitive areas like airports. For a school system, it will be more effective because it will cut down drastically the number of students who bring weapons to school. The presence of a police officer anywhere brings law and order. The same goes with the students who know the zero tolerance policies of the school and always see a police officer on campus. This instills fear, caution and discipline in them.Schools should enforce strict disciplinary measures to counter gang violence and bullying in schools. Students are better cultured when there are rules and regulations with strict measures imposed on any culprit found breaking the law. Student counseling sessions and conferences could be scheduled regularly, addressing issues that cause violence in schools and how it can be avoided and stopped for the welfare of the students and teachers.

Schools should also make more provision for sporting activities which will keep the student busy.School curriculums should be restructured to be more intensive, teaching the students’ conflict resolution, moral and social skills, teachers giving more assignments and projects which will help streamline the time students spend on leisure and other unnecessary activities. Violence in schools can also be controlled by reducing the viewing of violent movies and by banning aggressive computer games especially the ones that have shooting games. Violent films and games control the mind of those who watch them.

Students who watch them frequently end up practicing in real life what they see or play and they end up shooting or hurting people. Parents should check the kind of films and movies their kids are watching and the kind of games they play. The regulatory body of movies and films should eliminate those movies that depict violence and approve more movies that depict good ethical values. The movies of the 1950 were better cultured and less violent. As a result, there was less violence in schools and the students had better value systems.Love and affection will win the heart of any child. It is the responsibility of parents to have close relationships with their children. Students who are reserved and troubled sometimes tend to be violent but the love and affection of the parents towards them will cause a healing and effect a change.

Mentoring is another way of reducing bad attitudes in the life of a child. Every child is a student at different stages of life and parents who mentor their children well from childhood till they get to college have better behaved children.The parent teachers associations in schools have also provided an avenue whereby parents have more access to information about their children’s welfare and attitude in school. Prevention techniques will go a long way to help stop school violence. Prevention techniques like teaching the students what to do in case there is violence to prevent casualties, how to be vigilant in the school or class environment, how to manage anger and resolve disputes without engaging in violence and how to handle peer pressure without giving in.

In conclusion, all factors of violence in school: gun violence, school shooting, bullying, bad association and cliques, crime, cultism, burning down a school building, sexual and physical assault, can be reduced drastically: if there are stricter laws, students are being taught how to behave, how to handle issues when under pressure, loved and given the moral support they need, rewarded for excellence and encouraged to do better, the school environment will be a peaceful environment to learn and integrate with others. Bibliography Lezon. “HISD Middle School School Shut Down by Fire. ” Chron.

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