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Violent Crime                           “A violent crime is the act in which a person uses or threatens to use violent force. the objective of using violent force is to murder, steal or sexually rape a person. In criminology, how a violent crime is approached depends on how much crime is defined” (Briggs, S., & Friedman, J, 2009). So many different legal terms exist for various forms of violent crimes that it’s often hard for people to keep track of what means what. Over the years the world has become more violent and people have to do something to stop that, that is why people have to emphasize what are the causes, how to prevent crimes and what punishments implement.                            There are several causes for which people commit violent crimes. First of all is one of the causes why some people commit violent crimes, people who need money sometimes commit this type of crime, they look at the waste of doing this kind of crazy things like, kill a person or kidnap. Another cause of violence is drugs, because people who consume it and commit crimes without thinking or disputes between drug gangs, the drug is a business similar to another to the difference that is illegal, territories are disputed, customers, goods thefts are presented, uncollectible debts among other things, this type of problems call to violence. (Friklund, 2017). Finally, alcohol which is considered a drug, is legal and is the most consumed. Alcohol is one of the most influential at the time of committing a violent crime. According to a study that was conducted on 305 people, it could be observed in that study that 34.5% of those people were involved in fights or acts of violence. (Shabani & others, 2014). It is interesting to see how this type of things, change or modify the behavior of a person, drugs is a business in which many factors are involved, as well as alcohol where family problems can be involved, marital problems or even misunderstandings. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, the person acts without knowing of what is doing.                          Can be considered as violent crimes, murder and rape. Murder is the greatest crime in the world, is when a person takes your life of another person, with or without reason. There are many type of murder. Many can be accidents or can be violently caused. Murders can be classified by degrees, are the first and second degree. The second degree murder will cover killing with intent to cause serious injury. It will also apply to cases where the attacker intended to cause some injury while knowing there was a serious risk of death. (Iggulden, 2016). These types of murder are mostly caused by firearms, in the United States a curious statistic is presented, it is worth mentioning that the USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, where most of the violent crimes are caused by guns, in 2011 they were killed around 11,000 Americans, which is alarming considering that in Britain which has rules similar to the United States only between 50 and 60 murders per firearm per year. (Bergen, 2017).               I need to finish, Rape/ Sexual assault and find a Journal Source                                                   Finally, violent crimes must be punished and each crime is related to punishment. There are many types of punishment around the world, in each crime the degree of violence is assessed. A punishment would be the retribution, an example of this is when one person murders  another, the murderer can be sent to prison for many years or loses his right to life, where in some cases he can be executed, that is called death penalty. Another punishment would be rehabilitation, this punishment does not apply to violent crimes, rehabilitation is when the person is given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes (Criminal Punishment, n.d.). There are other types of punishments such as restitution and monetary fine, where the restitution is the judges order the defaulter to pay all the expenses of the affected person, either to the family if the person died, or if the person is injured pay all his recovery, as for the monetary fine, this person has to pay a fine, a certain amount of money to the carte, in many cases this penalty would be added prison (Portman, n.d.).                To sum up, all people are exposed to suffer some type of crime or act of violence in this life, it is difficult to determine how, when and where it could happen. Here we determine the causes, the types of violence and the way to prevent them. In my opinion, avoid violence in its entirety is extremely complicated, obviously, there are more violent countries than others, where these countries are the poorest, where countries, people have to focus more on trying to avoid crime, because you can help with other countries or seek extreme solutions within the country.

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