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Last updated: May 18, 2019

WAYS in AMELIORATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.Ameliorating domestic violence should be taken as a multidisciplinary approach involving the Government, Community, Religious organization, institutions as well as individuals.The GOVERNMENT.

The Government should put into existence rules and enforce the existing rules that protect women from discrimination and violence. Strict punishment should be put in place to deal with offenders without any form of partiality.The Government should establish charity homes where victims can seek refuge in cases of emergencies and threats to life.

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Also there should be a law to discourage and emphasize the disadvantages of early and forced marriage.As much as possible the girl child education must be compulsory so as to allow females some level of education which will help delay marriage and expose them to some form of formal education.Females should also be encouraged to participate in economic and political development, this will enable the voice of the women to be heard when they participate in politics, hold political post and also be part of decision making process in Government. In this way regulation that protect the interest of women can be put forward.

Education of community members on their responsibilities under international and National human right laws so that everybody especially the females will be aware of their right.Family courts should be put in place to handle cases of domestic violence; this court will hasten justice and the usual cases of sweeping cases under the carpet will be reduced as much as possible.ORGANIZATION AND INSTITUTIONS.Institutions such as faith based organization should promote the peaceful resolution of dispute and conflicts as relates to women, as it is known that our society is a religious one and most families will listen and act to what they are told by their spiritual heads.INDIVIDUALS –PARENTSParent should also try as much as possible to be good examples to their young ones living in a healthy relationship with one another because it is widely known that children follow adult majorly. Parent also should take up the responsibilities of teaching the youth that disagreement can be resolved without taking to violence The children and youth should also be talk to about communicating effectively with one another, the importance of building confidence in themselves, self-awareness, mutual respect and non-violent interactions.Basically prevention they say is better than cure, thus I want to emphasize here that primary prevention should be our major goal which is preventing violence from occurring by providing young people with expertise to understand the root causes of violence in their communities, to educate and involve their peers and communities to prevent violence and try as much as possible to tolerate one another , to learn about where to access support if violence is experienced.

HOW CAN VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BE HELPED?As public health specialist, we must bear in mind that the safety and comforts of victims is priority in any help plan we are bringing up for them. We need to be skilled in knowing the tell-tale signs of an abused woman which may include the following –woman constantly checking In with her partner before she goes anywhere or spend the smallest amount of money or suffers embarrassments from partner in public, may be isolating herself from families, friends or pleasurable activities that she might have enjoyed in the past. She may be missing work and lying to cover up, also signs of injury such as bruises can also be noticed in a woman that is being abused.Victims must not be pressurized to leave the relationship because she will have so many reasons to still remain in the relationship despite the harm she has suffered such stigma that comes from the societies and the scorn that often follows a woman that leaves her matrimonial home,lack of resources to do so such as funds to get an apartment to stay ,feeding etc.

They must never be scolded for remaining in such relationship or for returning there after initially leaving.We must let them be aware that there is help for them and encourage them to speak out whatever they are passing through in their relationship without fear.Ask them questions to show you are looking out for them because majority of them might not speak out unless you ask questions and this give them the opportunity to pour out their mind on such issues, ask them if violence is occurring actively in their relationship, ask them what you can do to assist them.

Listen to them actively, assure them they have not done anything wrong to deserve such treatment from their partner, assure them of your confidence in them, assure them of confidentiality in any of issues discussed.They must also be helped to develop a security plan which will help to minimize physical and emotional harm as much as possible, also let them know that they might be in danger and as such they must be able to take a concrete decision whether to stay in such relationship or to walk away.Direct victims to the nearest domestic violence agency where they access free and confidential help, get shelter and help in cases of emergency which should be very accessible to them, give them contact of domestic violence resources. Support them in different ways part of which is to help them to   professionals who can provide lasting solutions. Also provide them a place to stay and for them to be able to do somethings for themselves.

Women should be strengthened to earn a living to support their family by providing skills training and empowerment for them. Also there should be a public awareness of the poor living conditions some women are exposed to especially those living in the rural arears.We must also encourage those that have passed through the stage of abuse and have been helped and going along well to come out to the public share their experiences to the people on how they were able to scale through the hurdles telling those who are currently being abused to speak out so that they can be rescued as well and to be free to discuss their situations to as to receive help in good time before damage is doneREFERENCES:https://yali.state.gov/eig.https://www.goggle.com.ng


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