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We as high school students shouldn’t have to read the book Macbeth which was created by William Shakespeare, on 1606 so just by hearing what year it was created you can already assume the style of the language used isn’t going to be the same one we use in present. time or not even 20 years ago so that right there is already saying something. Macbeth is about a brave Scottish general named Macbeth receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the Scottish throne for himself.
I recall when I first opened up the book and looked at the text I started to read I was already lost by the first paragraph of what was going on, numerous times I had to reread just to try to understand it the text and mostly all because the way the text was constructed and the outdated words they use.
Usually, when we read a book we can move through maybe 50 page or more if we’re all on task, but for the book Macbeth it took us more than a week just to get through an act. Even if you did n’t miss a day you’d still be lost on what they were talking about. On numerous times The teacher would have to stop after a paragraph or two just to explain to everyone what was said what is going on, Example: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble” what the hell does that even mean seriously,you can take this quote to any high school student that takes on level English, ask them what does that even mean I can guarantee they’ll look lost on what was even being said to get a response like that. It got to a point in our class where people just gave up trying to read the text and just stare off to space and most refuse or just started to skip class to avoid the whole issue of making sense of the text since the wording of text is very confusing and using context clues doesn’t even help to make sense of it.
We should be reading something that helps us out so we can be prepared in life when we graduate since some people have said that once they graduated they were unprepared for college and life. In my opinion, we should read about things that can open our mind to things that other people go through in life that we know nothing about since some of us are ungrateful and know nothing about struggling for something that they need in life. Another quote that doesn’t make any sense “If you can look into the seeds of time and say which grain will grow and which will not Speak, then, to me, who neither beg nor fear Your favors nor your hate.” A quote like this would make a normal high school student re-read this text multiple of times trying to understand this, it’s not our fault that we find this book impossible to understand.
you have to think that the book was made in the 1600s to the English language has changed much over time so it’s not the same as the present time of the English language. It makes the teachers job more difficult that they can’t make us understand since using context clues is nearly impossible for this task so the teacher basically has to walk us through this because if not then when it’s time to take a quiz or test about the book we would all fail it and then they would have to explain why to their bosses why do they have a whole class either failing or close to it because of the grades being dropped from the test causing stress for the teacher and the students.
Some people would argue that the book Macbeth is a great book to read in high school since we should be appreciating what the great things he wrote in his lifetime.the complexity of the characters, the rise and fall of Macbeth, the mixed feeling of disgust and pity Shakespeare manages to make us feel about him, the realisation that beneath the skin of a hero can lie a real monster, the transition from good to evil, a brilliant analysis of the complexity of the human mind. In my opinion i can say that since i seen it with my own eyes that how can we appreciate it if no one but the teachers what’s going on, it’s like if you watch a movie in a language you don’t speak and having the only person who understands the language is talking about how great the movie is if he’d had to stop the movie every 3 mins to give everyone an update on what just happened and who said what. How can you enjoy a movie if you needed help understanding it all the way to the end, it’s a bad experience all the way through and that was going on with the book Macbeth. These are my reasons why I believe the book Macbeth shouldn’t be forced on high school students to read, from hard to understand people giving up to try their best to keep moving on and dropping grades due to it being forced which causes stress for students.

What we as high school student shouldn’t read i picked this assignment as one of my personal best because i finally had a chance to voice my opinion which in school isn’t something I can do too much soi was very excited that I could do so with me knowing that I’m going have someone read it so I decided to try my best that maybe that the text I wrote could get them to try to push for them to remove the book Macbeth from the curriculum. In the text, I put a convincing argument with facts and my own personal experience on the matter. Some ways I could personally say how I’ve grown as a writer is that when I’m trying to prove a point I’ll go to the extreme, I would go out of my own way to provide some facts use some details and multiple people personal experience and making sure that my thoughts are being projected clearly on the matter. There many ways I would love to improve as a writer for starters I would like for me to use bigger words than the basic ones that I’m using now. I would like for myself to organize my work by natural instincts instead of me going back and reorganizing my work so the person reading my say can have a clear understanding instead of me jumping from thing to the other.

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Due to Donald Trump’s lack of political experience, preoccupation with multiple careers, and blatantly self-serving intentions, he should not ever have been considered a reasonable candidate for the presidential election. First of all, Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. He received his degree in Economics/Real Estate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of finance.Donald Trump has put his name on products and companies both successful and unsuccessful, including food products, corporations, and a clothing line. Trump once stated that “The stuff that’s been sent over from China falls apart after a year and a half. It’s crap.” Ironically, the majority of his products are manufactured in China (Webley, 8). How can we expect a man to keep in touch with an entire country when he can hardly keep in touch with his own business?
Secondly, Trump is biased, we should not have a president who is biased because this country is multicultural and would have a great downfall. ” we are going to build a wall … Mexico is going to build a wall”, this statement that Trump says is ridiculous he believes others should pay for our actions. Trump also believes that ” dreamers” should not have a clear path to citizenship to become a naturalized American which should be the other way around. They should have a clear path to become an American, so they can better themselves and not live in fear that they will be deported or thrown in jail for being an alien to this country. Trump also believes that Muslims should face extra immigration services because of the actions a reformist group has committed. One small piece of an entire race should not affect the entire race’s fate in the future. Our second amendment stated in the bill of rights states that ” we have the right to bear arms”, but that doesn’t exclude the fact that our gun control is not properly addressed. Donald Trump doesn’t think we should increase gun control. Not have strict gun control means more shooting and devastating death through the county like, Ferguson, Sandy hooks, Orlando and many others. They all had the right to bear arms, but they didn’t have the right to kill Innocent people, and it could have been prevented if we had Better gun control. Clinton believes we should increase gun control, increase background checks, out a ban on assault – weapons, and allow the center for disease control study gun violence. The complete opposite of Donald Trump.

In my opinion, this was one of my best that I’ve written during my high school years. One thing I liked about process of this writing piece is that how much i learned about Donald Trump and the things that most of the public doesn’t know and some theories people have about why he did this if he’s a businessman I enjoyed reading about while writing because it made me think and usually I don’t have a lot of chances on doing that since most of the school work is just common knowledge and things we learned so that I liked. The things that demonstrate my strengths as a writer was the way I could easily broadcast my thoughts I was able to get across my point clearly without any confusion or misunderstanding I was able to provide facts from real sources. We can qualify this writing piece more than good it met all the criteria that it needed to, the form of correct punctuation, perfect grammar, providing facts with sources behind it no sort of confusion in the reasoning of mine.

A realization I’ve had over the course of my life that sparked a personal growth inside of me was probably around the time I was in middle school going into high school I always thought that the friends I’ve made in my lifetime were always going to be my friend around the time I was living in Florida we moved around a lot so I’ve happened to make a few friends each time I had to go to new a school I always assumed that we’re always going to be friends no matter. Around the time i got to highschool i was in the 10th grade i started to notice that the people i used to talk to everyday back in middle school and elementary school we longer talked to each other no more the most of the reason was because we just didn’t have a class with each other or we didn’t even have the same interest we had before like back in middle school and so on. At times i forget that we even go to the same school from how little I see them in the hallways and when we do happen to see each other we just say hello or just not say anything while we’re transitioning to our next class and if we did actually having a conversation with each other it would be very brief since we really don’t know what we’re into any more at times some of the good friends I’ve made in school if they happen to move somewhere else or switch to a different school at times i realize that, that’s going to be the last time I see them unless we happen to run in each other which the chances of that are very low but with all that happening at times i just think that the remaining friends i have left i know that as soon as we graduate half of us are just going to stop talking to each other and just fall off i seen it happen with my two brothers they used to have a ton of friends and they were very good friends with each other but as soon as they graduated they kept in contact with each other for a while then slowly just talked to each other less and less to the point of them not talking to each at all or even seeing them. It was probably around that time I noticed were a personal growth sparked in me that after I noticed this, it was just how life is people go their own way, their own path and i can’t wish bad on them just because we aren’t friends no more we all want to become successful in life and some of us have to work hard and distance ourselves from people who don’t want to do anything in their lives but sit around and being bums and ask people for things before they even try to get it for themselves. Me understanding this at a young age was probably the best thing that could’ve to happen to me so I don’t get the shocker later on in life of how people really are some will just use another person in life to get something out of them for example when one person in your math class is really good at math and finds the work very simple while the other person finds it very hard once they understand who knows it and who doesn’t they start to try everything they can to sit next them to copy all their work because they know that without them there they’re gonna have to depend on themselves to get a passing grade in the class and not take the easy way out they’ll go as far as calling them a friend just so they can have them keep giving the answers to them with the work/test while one is believing they’re helping one of their friends out the other one is knowingly using the person to get by until they pass the class or no longer serve a use to them I’ve seen this happen many times but i never once thought about that the fact the people who are taking advantage of another person’s kindness right at this moment they’re gonna do the same thing in the real world to make sure they’re doing good in life not caring how is it going to affect the person since they don’t consider them family or a very friend close the people they do wrong they just see them as an acquaintance and they tend to look what they offer such as benefits they can gain from the person before they tend to have a conversation. This made me realize that always having a lot of friends can be great but there’s always those few who are using you just for their own needs without you even noticing it but other people arounds might see it before you of who they really are your family or friends might even warn you that there’s something off about them, some people would try to defend them and claim they’re a good person who could never do you wrong no matter what some people are too naive or just don’t see the other side of them like other people do. After seeing how people would use another person just for personal gain i begin to realize that these people that are doing it now they’re going be getting a job somewhere and they’re going to make friends with people at the place they work and use them to move up in the company leaving them behind just for a bit of extra money. So I’m glad that I learned this because in the future I will need it.

I’ll say this is another of my personal best. The thing that I enjoyed about writing this was that it made me do a lot of thinking about this matter of being used and there are not too many assignments where we have to do a lot of thinking about a subject or what we’re writing. One thing I enjoyed about having to do this assignment was that I can share my perspective with my teacher about things that go on in the school without their knowledge of people using other people in the school since some teachers are oblivious about that fact. The way this essay demonstrates my strength as a writer because I was easily able to show clear thoughts without no signs of me repeating myself no long running sentences throughout the essay providing examples and going into exact details of the matter and perfectly organizing the essay. My reflection on my personal growth as a writer on other assignments I would not use any sort of punctuation marks I would repeat myself with different wording wouldn’t be clear on what I was trying to say in the assignments now I would proofread make sure I’m what I’m trying to say is very clear and make sure to have almost near perfection before I turn it in. In my opinion the reasons why I would consider this writing piece good is because I made sure I was clear throughout the essay no part of me repeating myself no typo’s in the text and no long running sentences with near perfect punctuation in the essay these are my reasons why I believe this essay is portfolio worthy.

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