Webster’s of the bank and your old school

Webster’s dictionary define corruption as a deceitful,fraudulent misconduct or otherwise illegal or morally wrong deed.

I am howeverincline to take a philosophical point of view in discussing this topic hence Iwould want to say that corruption is as simple as circumventing the process bywhich something is expected to follow a particular procedural principle but isachieved by avoiding such principles or changing them to suit ones agenda. Thiscan be made simple by this example; going to the bank on a day where the lineof customers stretch and bends throughout the cervix and turns of the bank andyour old school mate who is a teller at the bank would call you to the front tohave your transaction complete before others who would have been at the front ofthe line. Now since the bank would have operated from a first come first servebasis it would have meant then that you along with your school mate would havecorrupt the process and thereby would have been involved in corruption, howeversimple it may be. Now all of us have had some experience of the sort andwelcome the friend in high places to pull strings for us especially with thehassle of bureaucracy in today’s world; cutting a few corners, pulling a fewstrings and of course again circumventing the process and by extensioncorruption.

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       This line ofreasoning goes to show that corruption of some form is inevitable our societylet alone government who rely on playing the perfect courtier to the man at thetop to allocate funds for a constituency project or to support via vote a billthat may benefit his or her constituents assuming that he or she is thepolitician of the people and not acting in his or her capacity for self-benefits.The notion of having a link in high a place has become thebedrock on which our Jamaican people operates in getting ahead in life and theideology of looking out for those who look out for you has placed politiciansin a situation of handing down contracts to party loyalists who neither havethe expertise or the legal requisites to handle certain contracts. This hasbecome such a regular occurrence that it has become the status quo forpoliticians of today. With political loyalist being co-conspirators to certainact of dishonesty and due paying with politicians it perpetuates this cycle ofbending if not breaking the rule to make ones agenda a reality in our system ofgovernment. It is by virtue basic truism that government in Jamaica and byextension the wider Caribbean are corrupt or inevitably corruptible and theevidence to prove this line of reasoning is not far hidden. 



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