Week 3 Text Paper Psy 315

Chapter 2 11. Calculate descriptive statistics Mean: 2 Median: 2 sum of squared deviations: 56 Variance: 2. 8 standard deviation: 1. 67332 12. Calculate descriptive statistics Mean: 1,112 the mean is 56. 5; 1,1245 the mean is 123; 1,1361 the mean is 181; 1,1372 the mean is 186. 5; 1,1472 the mean is 236.

5 Median: 1,112 the median is 56. 5; 1,1245 the median is 123; 1,1361 the median is 181; 1,372 the median is 186. 5; 1,1472 the median is 236. 5 sum of squared deviations: 1,112 is 6160.

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5; 1,1245 is 29768; 1,361 is 64800; 1,372 is 68820. 5; 1,472 is 110920. 5 Variance: 1,112 is 6160. ; 1,1245 is 29768; 1,361 is 64800; 1,372 is 68820. 5; 1,472 is 110920. 5 standard deviation: 1,112 is 78. 48885; 1,245 is 172. 5341; 1,361 is 254.

5584; 1,372 is 262. 3366; 1,472 is 333. 0473 13. Calculate descriptive statistics Mean: 3.

166667 Median: 3. 25 sum of squared deviations: . 533333 Variance: . 106667 standard deviation: . 326599 16. Calculate, explain, and speculate about the descriptive statistics a. Figure the mean and standard deviation for the governors and for the CEOs.

Governors 44 36 52 40 43mean 6. 831300511standard deviation CEOs 32 60 48 36 44mean 12. 64911064standard deviation . Explain what you have done to a person who has never had a course in statistics. In order to calculate the mean or average for the governors and CEO’s, I added together all the figures and divided that sum by 4 since there are 4 numbers. Calculate the standard deviation by getting the average of the average (mean) of the numbers. So the average of 43 for the governors is 6. 831300511 and the average for the CEO’s is 12.

64911064 c. Note the ways in which the means and standard deviations differ, and speculate on the possible meaning of these differences, presuming that they are representative of U.S. governors and large corporations’ CEOs in general. From these results, it appears that CEO’s have larger desks than the U. S.

governors do. Standard deviation is the average of the average, and even though the mean of the governor’s desks is only slightly lower than the CEO’s, the standard deviation is much larger. This shows that CEO’s desks are larger in square footage. 21. Descriptive statistics explanation a. Explain results, using principles of concepts along with numbers, to a person who has never had a course in statistics.This is a test that I believe many people have taken in their lifetime without even realizing what it is for.

The pictures flash and the person is supposed to choose one quickly. There is a 50/50 chance of picking a black person over a white person in the pictures and there is a 50/50 chance of picking a gun over a tool. This is actually a test of prejudice and perception. Chapter 3 14. Transformation of z scores and raw scores a. Give the Z scores for the following raw scores: raw scoreZ score 340Z= {(340-300)]/20= 2 310Z=[(310-300)]/20= . 5 260Z= [(260-300)]/20= -2 b.Give the raw scores for persons whose Z scores on this test are the following: Z scoreraw score 2.

42. 4=(x-300)/20=(2. 4)*20+300=x X=348 1. 51. 5=(x-300)/20=(1. 5)*20+300=x X=330 00=(x-300)/20=(0)*20+300=x X=300 -4.

5-4. 5=(x-300)/20=(x-300)/20=(-4. 5)*20+300=x X=210 15. Calculate and explain descriptive statistics a. Which is this person’s stronger ability: verbal or quantitative? Z (81) = (81-50)/20=31/20=1. 55 (verbal) Z (6. 4) = (6.

4-0)5=1. 28 (quantitative) According to these results, the stronger ability is verbal b. Explain your answer to a person who has never had a course in statistics.The z value on the verbal test is higher than that of the quantitative test. This means that the person’s stronger ability is verbal.

22. Sampling method a. What kind of sampling method is this? This is called a convenience sampling b. What is a major limitation of this kind of approach? The limitation of this is that all the students surveyed have the same major, clinical psychology. This could mean most of the students could have the same responses as they are being taught the same materials most likely by the same professors.

This method does not allow results from the population as a whole. 5. Calculate and explain probability a. Calculate the probability for each of the following: GroupProbability Student800/1000=. 8 Faculty50/1000=. 05 Administrator150/1000=.

15 Faculty or administrator. 05+. 15=. 2 Persons except Administrator. 8+. 05=.

85 (b) Explain your calculations (that led to the above answers) to someone who has never had a course in statistics. Take the number of people in each group (800, 50, or 150) and divide by the total number of people (1000); this will give you the probability of pulling someone from each group at random

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