western civilization

Ana Decastro Western Civilization I Professor Sarah M. Lane The crusades were religious wars promoted by the Catholic Church to regain entrance in holy places in Jerusalem in the thirteenth century. Both, Muslims and Jews had similar opinions about the crusades differing from the Christians who approved of them.

Pope Urban, organizer of the papal monarchy and the Roman Curia, was a faithful believer of the crusades. At his speech in Clermont in 1095, he warned Europeans to accept the crusades, which he believed would free the Holy Land from Muslims.He believed that Christians were the chosen ones. He argued that Muslims had overpowered the land of the Christians while torturing them and destroying their Christian churches; as well as raping women. He also affirms that Muslims took control over Greek. Pope Urban claims the crusades are created to continue the Job of Christian’s ancestor, who dismantled pagan territories. He exclaims that Christian should fight for their land.

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On the other hand, Muslims believe almost the opposite from the claims of Pope Urban. Muslims had a negative view about the Crusades.They believe crusaders invaded the land of Islam by attacking and overpowering Sicily as well as Syria and trying to take control of African coast.

Muslims argue Crusaders put together an army to overpower land and convert to Christianity; while trying to ally with an emperor to attack Muslims. Concisely, crusaders slayed all Muslims they found. Jews also receive punishment from the crusades. As soon as Jews learned about the crusades, some worried but some did not fear. In Speyer, a city in the Rhineland, Jews were able to exercise religion, grow conomically; but could not preach their religion.Many Jewish women knew how to read unlike Christian women.

Jews and Christians had a pacific relationship. Although they had a decent relation, Christians observed Jews as foreigner and envied the Jews because they were sheltered by the bishop and were economic competition. In 1096, Crusaders slaughtered Jews, burned synagogues, and destroyed the Torah, the book of Jews. The crusades started in an effort to free the Holy Land from Muslims.

They invaded territories and killed innocent people.



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