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What Course of Study Do You Intend to Purse?
How Do You Intend On Utilizing Your Degree Upon Graduation?

The value of an education is something that I have understood since a very young age. It is my parents who have instilled in me the love of learning and understanding the importance of hard work and dedication.

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Because of their continuing love and support over the years, I have been able to accomplish great academic achievements earning me with various awards such as, The NAACP for High Achievements, The State House of Representative Marion Tasco Award, Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Organization Award, Recognition of Excellence in English by The Administration & Faculty of Abington Junior High to name a few, but the one that I am most proud of is The President Barack Obama Education Awards Program, signed by the president himself, for Outstanding Academic Achievements.

Although it hasn’t always been easy throughout my school years, the challenges that I’ve been faced with has never outweighed my motivation to thrive. It has only been my determination that lead me to stay focus on what I was set forth to do. They are many people my age who haven’t given any thought about where they see themselves in ten years. Personally for me, I see myself as a Doctor in Physical Therapy (DPT) within ten years. It has always been my passion to pursue a career in physical therapy. I am fascinated about how the human body works and our mobility to move as well as the functions of the muscle groups, whether it’s running, bending, or stretching. As a basketball player, it takes a lot to be physically fit to perform your very best on the court. It goes well beyond basketball practice. It’s about enhancing your performance with exercise and weight training. The more I think about the possibilities in physical therapy, the more I love the idea. The possibilities are endless, ranging from sports, pediatric or even canine therapy. This is a dream that I’ve been preparing for through community service and my studies. I am currently taking courses in Anatomy & Physiology and Sports Management. I’ve maintained a “B” average in both classes throughout the school year. I am currently devoting my time at the Montgomery County Rehabilitation ; Sports Therapy. It is where I get to observe the work of a physical therapist and ask questions. It also allows me to interact with the patients as well as assist them with various exercise equipment, ice packs, and towels to name a few. I really love working with the staff and patients alike, under the direction of Raymond J. Johnson PT., I’ve managed to put in 100 hours of time there alone. I am so thankful to them for allowing me the opportunity to serve there. As a listener and a team player, I can definitely see myself wanting to help others regain momentum and make a tangible difference in improving the quality of life within my community.

Due to the rising cost of a college education today, it’s enough to send any parent into worry mode. It is a worry that I know for certain that has left my mother with many sleepless nights. My parents are not in the position to pay for my education. Especially with my mother having a host of various preexisting conditions that have force her to go on disability, while my father works hard to make ends meet. It is pertinent that I attend and complete college. I will be the first from my family to do so. The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Scholarship Program would make a world of difference. It will alleviate the financial pressure off of our shoulders tremendously. If I am ever given the opportunity to receive such a gracious award, I would be truly humbled to have received such an honor. You can rest assure that I will not let you down as this investment will not go unnoticed. As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, that I am very dedicated, hardworking, and I strive to present myself with pride and dignity in reaching my full academic potential. The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Scholarship Program will finally give me peace of mind in knowing that it will set a foundation for getting me one step closer to my dream.
I will be attending The Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in the fall of 2018. I truly believe that IUP is an outstanding choice for me to conduct my studies and help make my dreams become a reality. I will be majoring in Exercise Science with a concentration in Physical Therapy. After I’ve earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, I plan to further my education by attending graduate school to earn my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy.

It is my hopes to open my own practice in the near future where I can diagnose and treat patients in disability and sports related injuries.
Essay by Dwayne T. Bryant Jr.

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