What Does Punctuality Mean?

No human is perfect. Everybody has some sort of deficiencies in one way or the other and those emerge as major problems as we move into our older age. A person never learns and improves unless he/she has been objected by someone. It is always suggested to speak less and listen more because others observe us more than we can do. People share with some pieces of advices to give each other an opportunity avoid the same stupid mistakes. But…who listens? It’s always better to experience it on your own than to find a solution form other sources.

My mom used to tell me to stay punctual and to do all my work in time which will help me to attain results better and quicker. But as I am a lazy person and able not to follow all the rules, i did not understand it until I got a setback. In my summer holidays, i got a project to do in twenty five days. Keeping the words of my mom out of my mind, I postponed it for a long time. I wasted my vacations in loitering around and watching movies. What could have happened? I could not complete the project in time and got detained for one full year.

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That was a great setback. It just cemented the punctuality in my conscious mind. Since then, I try to be punctual and to do work in time. The life got changed after that. The tasks which I have to complete are easier than they were before. It seems that there is a lot of time and there are more than twenty four hours in one day. My head keeps calm and I get time to concentrate on lot many things which my colleagues can dream about only. Life is simpler. I always try to convey my friends the same message which my mom used to convey- to be punctual.

Punctuality is important if one truly wants to succeed in his/her field. The confidence which it gives or the aura of a punctual person is simply huge. The mental, physical and social health is greatly affected by this simple piece of punctuality. Punctual people never face failure in the task they are punctual for. I have learned the lesson of punctuality from my mistakes and now I do all my work in time, no matter how much sacrifice I have to make. It is not that tough……. hope everybody can make it!



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