What Is The Greatest Challenge Facing Generation Y?

ven though many successful men and women understand this concept, based on my research and experiences with Generation Y, I do not believe that many men and women of our generation share this important aspect of truth.

For instance, over the past few years, there has been more talk about a quarter-life crisis amongst 20- somethings because they are frustrated with things not manifesting the way they had planned in high school and college. In another article that I read about in reference to the Generation Y worker, I found that many men and women ofGeneration Y not only love instant gratification and expect frequent rewards for their work, but can become disengaged with their work if there are not advancement or rewards within the company for their work. Although I do not believe it’s bad to want things done quickly and to be rewarded for your efforts frequently, in order to build a stronger nation for generations to come and to bring about great change within our communities, nation and world, it’s crucial that the leaders of our generation understand that great things will not always occur overnight, but will take hard work, iligence, patience and time to manifest most of the time.As many leadership experts continue developing leaders of Generation Y, I not only believe it is important for leaders to develop the common leadership qualities that we hear about consistently, but I believe it is essential that we develop an attitude that is contrary to the “instant gratification mentality’ that I have seen amongst many different members of our generation.

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Listed below are three key things that leaders of Generation Y can do to help develop an attitude that does not think in terms of instant gratification, but long-term success:

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