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What is Ibuprofeno (arginina) Codramol granules for oral solution AND WHAT IT IS USED FOR:Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol granules for oral solution pertains to the group of drug products called non-steoidal anti-0inflammatory drugs (NSAIDSs)This drugs product is indicated for treatment of pain : Headaches , Toothache , Post-operatice pain, Period pain , Symptomatic treatment of headaches and feverish states .Ibruprofeno (arginine)granulade para solucionoral is also indicated in rheumatoid arthiritis (inclouding juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) ankylopoyetic spondylitis, arthrosis and other acute or chronic rheumatic processes, as well as in other muscle (sprains and strains) and bone pathologies with pain and inflammationBEFORE YOU TAKE Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol granulado para solucion oral:Do not take Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol granulado para solucion oralIf you are allergic to ibuprofen or any other drugs products such acetylsalicyclic acid or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Said reactions could be : skin outbreak with itching, swelling of the face lips or tongue , nasal scretion, breathing difficulties or asthma.If your have had a stomach ulcer or haemorrhage, duodenal ulcer or have suffered from a perforation in the digestive system.if you suffer from severe cardiac insufficiencyif you have severe liver or kidney disease.

Take special care with Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol granulado para solucion oral:If you have had or develop an ulcer , haemorrage or performation in the stomach or duodenum , manifersting as severe or persistent abdominal pain and or black stools or even without prior warning symptoms.This rist is greater when used at high doses and prolonged treatments in patients with a history of peptic ulcer and in geriatrics, In these cases , your doctor may consider the possibility of prescribing stomach protector mediation.If you take drug products simultaneously that alter blood coagulation such as, oral aticoagulants , platelet anti-aggregants of acetylsalicylin acid type. It is also important to note that the use of other drog products could increase the rist of said haemorrhages such as corticoids and selevtive serotonin reuptake inhibitors.If you suffer from Crohn`s disease or ulcerous colitis drug products such as Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol can affect there pathologiesIf you have suffered from kidney or liver disease.If you have oedemas ( Fluid retention)If you have asthma or any other respiratory disorder.If you recieve treatment for an infection , as Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol can mask fever , which is an important sing of infection.If you suffer from heart ,kindey or liver disease ,are aged over 60 years or need to take medication for prolonged periods (more than 1 to 2 weeks), your doctor may carry out regular checks.

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Your doctor will indicate the frequency of these checks.Cardiovascular preceutionsDrug products such as Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol can be associated with moderate increase in the risk of heart (myocardial infarction) or verebral attacks. Said risk is more probable when used at high doses and prolonged treatments. Do not exceed the recommended dose or duration of treatment.If you have heart problems.

, history of cerebral attacks, or you think that you may be at risk of suffering from there pathologies ( for example, you have high blood pressure , suffer from diabetes , have high cholesterol or are a smoker) you must first consult your doctor  or pharmacist.Likewise, this frog tybe can cause fluid retention,expecially in patients with cardiac insufficiency and or high blood pressure (hypertension)Taking other medicines:– Inform your doctor of pharmacist if you are using or have recently used any other drug product , including those abtained over the counter , as it may be necessary to stop treatment or adjust the dose of them.– The drug products cited below can interfere and therefore must not be taken with Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol without first condulting your doctorHOW TO TAKE Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol GRANULADE PARA SOLUCION ORAL– Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol is administered orally.it is important to use the lowest dose that relieve controls the pain and do not take Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol for long than is necessary to control your symptoms.The average recommended dose is 1 sachet of Ibruprofeno (arginine) Codramol every 12h . If yo experience gastic upsets after ingestion or this drug product , take it with milk or during meals.

In rheumatoid artthritis , higher doses may be required , however ,it is recommended not to surpass the dialy dose of 2.400 mg od ibuprofen (4 sachets) , taking into account that the lowest effective dose must be administered.In geriatic patients, dosage must be established by the doctor, as the regular dose may need to be reducted. In case of kidney disorders , adujust the doses as this drug product is eliminated preferentially via this route.Use of this drug products is not recommended in children aged under 14 years , as this dose of Ibruprofeno is unsuitable for the recommended posology in these children


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