What we pull out our umbrellas. The word

What is the thing that makes sure your not going to be soaking wet while its raining…..An umbrella.Umbrellas were very important to China.

Umbrellas also became a symbol of power in Ancient China. An umbrella also had a very high cost back then. Umbrellas were limited to wealthy merchants,noble families,and royals.The umbrella even became a very popular fashion sense in Ancient China.Then when it came to America every time it rains we pull out our umbrellas. The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra which means shade. Umbrellas purpose in Ancient China was to block the rays of the sun.The royals wanted to make sure there skin would not tan.

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Another thing the umbrella was used for was to keep them from being wet when it rained. Even some people had a multiple tiered umbrella so they could be more protected. The Emperor himself even carried a multiple tiered umbrella.

Umbrellas were made of silk and oil paper.The Chinese chose oil paper because oil repels water.The frames were made of bamboo or mulberry bark.Chinese workers would paint the umbrellas with beautiful designs.

There are many designs for the umbrellas like dragons,flowers,and more.Chinese workers would make sure that the umbrellas would not have any light beaming through.Workers wanted to make umbrellas look like something royals would have. At first umbrellas were called parasol.There is even some evidence that other Ancient civilizations used it.There are many folk tales about who created the umbrella but the one with Luban is the most widely spread.The umbrella was found in Greece and Assyria too. The umbrella was invented over 3 thousand years ago.

The umbrellas are even still evolving today even after thousands of years and even some have flashlights in them. The umbrella has a very long history and I think it’s very interesting.I never even knew that the word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra.It shocked me when I found out that the umbrella appeared in other civilizations.

Umbrellas are also used every time it rains which isn’t surprising.Also the designs for the Ancient Chinese umbrella are very unique and have many designs.The umbrellas have adapted and I can’t wait for what’s next.

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