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When I was a child I was flipping through my infant book whereI saw a letter my father had written before I was conceived. It was so sweet and genuine and right then and there I knew on a more profound level how extremely loved I was and that I was so unique to my parents even before they met me. Since then, ithas been so critical to me that later when I group up I settle on a decision. This decision obviously is becoming a parent and that I would hold up until the point when I’m extremely prepared to go up against the duties of parenthood and become one. And finally, here I am holding my first child and I’ve chosen to give this speech to welcome him. Your mother and I have been waiting for you for so long, and thanks god now we can finally hug you and kiss your little lovely hands. Because of you I have become a father, and for that I am very thankful. You have helped me fulfill my life’s purpose, so please know this: I will always cherish and love you no matter what. You are my first child and you will always bethe first and the nearest to my beating heart. You will always be the first to make me forget thinking about myself. You’re the person who burst my heart totally open. You showed me what wild, boundless, unrestricted love feels like. You changed everything, you transformed me into a father. I’ve been getting ready for this minute since I was a young man and I feel so prepared to welcome you into my life. I have contemplated all that I could about how to be a good father, and how to inspireyou to learn and develop. I have even dedicated myself to take care of your baby cousin anytime your aunt had to leave the country for work, and please believe me it was all for your best. Spending the day with you and showing you how to take great care of yourself is the best thing I have ever done in my life andI am very satisfied and happy with the kid you are and can patiently wait to see the man you become. My dear son, you will never stop teaching me how to be the best dad I can ever be.And I am so proud of you and the perfect model you will represent later for your future brother. You will teach me and your younger brothers and sisters. I know, that is a challenging task for you. I know. But I can promise you that regardless of how frequently I sense that I am failing, I will always be thinking of you and never ever give up on you. How can I? You are the first whose nose I wiped, whose temperature I took, whose vomit I cleaned every day. You are the first individual I at any point said “I adore you” to more than 20 times in a single day.You are my most loved individual in the entire world! And I think you deserve to know this, well you continue to surprise me every day, and I keep learning new things about babies from you like leaving you on the bed the other day by yourself to roll and fall on the couch. I should have known before you babies could roll! Well, thanks god you didn’t hurt yourself. I am very sorry, I know it happened long time ago. You see son, even daddy has weaknesses. Please forgive me, it is difficult to stop thinking it over and over till this moment! Your mom is awesome. . I simply know she will be such a magnificent mom to you. When I was picking a spouse I chose to pick the lady with the greatest, most lovely heart I could find. What’s more, that is your mother. She is a thoughtful, loving, and caring women. With her, we will have lots of laughter and sweet memories that will not be forgotten. My companions continue disclosing to me that you are “one fortunate infant” and I concur. I’ve generally thought of myself as one of the most fortunate individuals I know. What’s more, I’m so glad to pass on my favorable luck to you. One of my most profound expectations is that we can simply discuss transparently with each other, that regardless of what’s going on, you know you can simply come to us, and share whatever is on your mind. There might be times when we don’t care for each other in particular, however and after it is all said and done, please know that we adore you truly, profoundly, and without conditions. Please, even in times when you figure you don’t, we will recollect that you adore us as well. Since that is the manner by which it is in our family, we rehearse genuine love and acknowledgment. I know that my words in a way or another might be confusing for you, after all I am not a great writer but I believe I am a good speaker and we can talk it over later and teach you some public speaking when you would be hopefully reading this paper. I would explain to you son everything and teach you how to overcome fear and stress before and during a speech, how to avoid using filler words and replace them with moments of silence, and how to answer your audience questions in a neutral none biased manner.

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