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When in the years we are young adults, it becomes transparent that we want to break away from parents rule which has been ruling us for years. We as young adults should maintain our natural born, God-given right. Therefore we should revolt on our parents to obtain freedom. We clasp on these principles to be manifested that all human beings are born with certain natural rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Federations created by adults are using power with the approval of the people, but if you exploit your power and strip people of their natural rights, then we have the right to neutralize and amend it, and we can start a new federation where it is based on morals uniting its powers in such a harmony. For people who wish to alter this federation, teenagers must have credible reasons to execute our arguments, whereas, if the federation committed illogical action regularly, then we can void his term as monarch. They state we are not good enough and incompetent. Unable to confront our dilemmas that have engulfed us. When will we realize that generation z are slaves to our superiors? Will we wait until we have no time left? Juveniles have accommodated to our prejudiced adults surrounding us. Therefore we need to withdraw from our authoritarian rule. To ratify our circumstance, we have ample reasons why we need to revolt against or superiors. Forced to learn their morals Refused to acknowledge our ideologies Expect us to respect their lawsForced food we don’t want to eatDismissed our thoughts or ideas; Our voice isn’t heard Disregard our dreamsExpect too much from us In all of these outlawed acts, we have called for a productive change in the most tranquil way, despite our efforts we have been neglected to all of them. An adult whose argument is glamorized with a tyrannical virtue is not competent to lead our lives. We as ambassadors to our young generation z citizens we have to declare independence to ensure they have their natural borns that haven’t been stripped from our dictatorial adults. Humans are not born dictation others or unequal to others: therefore, we as young adults need to put an end to this tyrannical society and create a new one brimming with our own philosophies.

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