When the rules of living in a society

When first born to a family, as a child we don’t know what race we are born in. What are the rules of living in a society in the family? As we grow up we learn the way our family lives and how they value life. What they consider more important in life than anything else, is what we learn. While growing up I too had earned so many values from my parents. They have taught me many things that come first and many things that come at last. Not only that I was taught a few things that I shouldn’t be doing at all. The top three values that I was taught were to respect my elders, family reputation comes first than anything else, and society comes before freedom. I lived with these values for most of my life. They had created so much influence in my life.
I have always respected family members that are elder to me. My parents taught me how to talk to them. What I should say to them and what I shouldn’t. This makes them appreciate my parents because they say the parents’ upbringing on this child is really nice. Everyone that I talk to, I was never supposed to say their name, while I talk to them. If it is someone that I am not familiar with and is part of my family, I have to call them uncle or aunt, if it is a woman. This has influenced my life because now I respect everyone that is older to me. I don’t talk to them rudely. Also the way I see life is, if you respect someone, you will also be respected and appreciated by everyone else.
In one’s life, their values help build what kind of person they are. In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, and dedication are the best values that one can have. Firstly, honesty allows others to know who you are and are able to trust you. Secondly, faithfulness helps you from hurting others around you. Finally, the value of dedication helps people become more responsible. Just as I believe that good values show that you are a good person, bad values reflect just as much about one’s character. Lying, cheating, and even having no values at all, in my opinion, are some of the bad values one may have. First, lying hurts many people that it affects and no one ever trusts you. Next, cheating never helps anyone; it always hurts them in the long run of things. Also, having no values is bad also because you have nothing to base what you do off of. You have no ability to know what is right and what is wrong. Just as in life, your values exhibited by the characters in the story informed my opinion on who was the best and worst character.

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