Where Does Succeed Come from

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Last updated: April 20, 2019

Success can be defined in a various ways, and everyone have their own definitions about it. Some people think taking risks or chance is the way to get to success, while others believe that it is careful planning leads to success.

Though there may be exceptions, most of the time success come from careful planning. In most of the cases, taking risks or chances are the key to success at the outset. It is quite difficult to succeed without having any risks.As we all know, Bill Gates once dropped out of the school to pursue his career, and to the incredible luck, he succeeded and started his own company. However, he needs to make plans to maintain his success, to keep his company running.

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Therefore, once taken risks and succeeded, maintaining the success comes from careful planning. Again, with Bill Gates’ example, if he had not make plans for his company, his company may even close up, let alone become the richest person on the planet now.In addition, chances favor the prepared minds. When a chance comes, one needs to be prepared to take it, which requires careful planning. If one is not well prepared, he or she cannot take the chance to try or if one had taken it, he or she would have failed eventually. Moreover, since everyone have dreams or objectives about their lives, making plans may help them to breakdown their goals into smaller ones that can be achieved everyday.If the goal takes a lot of work to achieve, then one might lose motivation and direction of reaching the goal. On the other hand, making everyday plans can minimize the difficulties one might encounter.

Also when the goal is easier to reach, it gives people more confident about achieving their final goals as well as keeping people on the right track to the final goals. To sum up, taking risks or chances and careful planning are both essential, however, as discussed above, careful planning is more crucial in one’s path to success.


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