While contrary this the way her mother wanted

While growing up Anne went through treacherous beatings and mistreatments. Once even being blamed for burning the house down by her cousin George. She was also always left sheltered by Toosweet,her mother. Toosweet never wanted to involve racial problems into Annes life. She had tried her best to block her from the unjustness that was taking place at that time. Once asked by Anne what the NAACP was Mama left her scolded to not be asking those type of questions. Or the initial shock from meeting her white uncles. Remembering instances of trying to go into the movies through the whites section but failing while still not be able to see the difference amongst them all. She never could see what made them more hierarchy than everyone else. By contrary this the way her mother wanted it to be. She was always left with no explanation from her as to why she was not able to do the things whites were allowed to do. Her life was filled with theses occurrences. The insight she did get came from conversing with neighboring blacks, and from sitting and observing. Until the age of seven she was unaware of the racial separation.  Anne attended numerous segregated schools due to the constant moving around. Even so, the excitement for learning didn’t let any of that bother her. In school she was a highly praised student. She was excelled in school and overcame everything she had been going through while coming of age . Although she was never able to receive the support from her mother that she was in need of. Later in school she was granted a scholarship to Natchez Junior College.There she was able to show her teachings and exceed academically. After transferring to Tougaloo College she was in the center of the discrimination. The “high yellow”  student population brought awareness of the discrimination happening in the African American culture. A place where light blacks were more accepted that darker blacks. Instead of letting these experiences deter her, she continued on. Bypassing those perceptions Anne became a prominent figure in college. She then started to join organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP), Congress on Racial Equality(CORE), and Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC).( Coming of Age in Miss.)The information she had gained pushed her even more to remain fighting and motivation to keep going. Rather than be a victim of her circumstances, she remained focus and achieved an higher education. Although in time the rage started to cultivate.

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