While, sharing makes more financial sense. The balance

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Last updated: May 2, 2019

While, car ownership is more about status symbol, carsharing is more about getting access. Car ownership symbolizes freedom andindependence. Car sharing is growing in popularity as more people are migratingto densely populated cities and people are also getting comfortable with theshared economy. Owning a car costs higher since it incurs insurance rates,parking fees, depreciation and wear and tear of car. Car sharing comes with a smallmembership fee and numerous discount packages suiting the demand and use of thecustomer.

For people who consider money an important criterion would definitelygo for car sharing as it saves money. People who are rich would never like thisidea of car sharing as to them authority, independence and status carries morevalue than money. For instance, Zipcar which runs in Los Angeles chargesfrequent drivers $8.10 per hour from Monday to Thursday and $9 on Friday andweekends.

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Zip car does bill customer for tolls but one does have to pay for gasand parking which saves a lot of money and adds another financial incentive.One just has to pay an initial membership fee of $25 to become a member(earthfriends.com, 2017). Owning a more expensive car comes with a higher loan,insurance and fuel costs- ride sharing makes more financial sense.

The balancebetween convenience and cost is a key consideration for car sharing people andmakes them feel satisfied by saving lot of pennies. Car owners for whom moneysaving is not important, go with owning expensive cars because that is whatmakes them feel proud and satisfied. Shared mobility services can help inreducing environmental pollution due to decreased number of vehicles on theroad.

A study on Car2go- the largest car sharing operator in the world,estimated a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. For people who are physicallydisabled, car sharing can be a good alternative rather than owning a car. Manycar sharing companies reward you with benefits. One gets reward points on eachride. The reward points can further be redeemed for airline and amusement ticketswhich make the user willing to take more rides. Referral system also rewardsthe user with points which can be redeemed.

So also for senior citizens who donot want to depend on others, car sharing can be a good option to commuterather than dependency on younger ones.


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