Why And Is There Any Benefit To

Do My Parents Hold Me To A Higher Moral Standard Than Most, What Are My
Thoughts On This, And Is There Any Benefit To Being Held To A Higher Moral

            Oftentimes my parents hold me up to a higher moral standard
than many other parents do for their children. My parents hold me to a much higher
moral standard because they want me to not only succeed in life, but be a
shining example for others to follow. My parents want to see me grow up to be
the best possible person I can be, but I cannot do that if my parents never
push me to do the right thing, or never put me on the right path when I start
to trail off. If my parents did not constantly push me to be a good person,
then not only me, but many people who look up to me will begin to start
misbehaving inappropriately. And if I and other people start misbehaving inappropriately
then we would end up getting in trouble a lot more often, and also as a result
we could ruin our future plans of going to college and majoring in whatever
dream major they wished. If my parents didn’t push me my grads would start
falling seemingly exponentially, with me slowly but surely falling to the
bottom of my class and I would end up completely wasting all the potential and
all the gifts that I have been granted.

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            My parents hold me up to a higher standard because they
know what I am truly capable of, and if they did not hold me to this standard,
then no one would. Parents want to see their kids do their best and they want
what is best their kids also. My parents want to see me truly prosper in life and
they also want to see me happy too, but they know that if I am fooling around
in school and not focusing on any of my work, then later on in life I will not
even come close to prospering, and I be stuck a low paying, dead-end job both
hating my life and regretting that I did not take any of my studies more
seriously when I had the chance. I would also probably turn into one of those
people that try to blame their condition on their parents by saying that “they didn’t
push me enough and hold me to a higher standard so that is why I am in the
condition that I am.”

            I believe it is a good thing to hold your children to a
high standard, it encourages and pushed your child to preserver and become a
better version of their current self. By holding a standard for your kids, you
will not only help them, but you could possibly turn them into a model human
being who other people often look up to for help and guidance.

            However, even though holding your children up to a high
moral standard is a noble cause, you must remember that no one is perfect. Children
are human too and that they will have grumpy moods, bad days, disrespectful
tones or mischievous tendencies, just like how many adults have them all the
time. You cannot hold a child to such a standard that they are always having to
work and rarely ever get to have any fun like a normal child. For example, today
parents and schools put much more emphasis on schooling and on adult-directed
activities causing grade school to become more academically-oriented, with many
schools have even eliminated recess. It is not that anyone set out to do away
with free play time, but its value has not been recognized. As a result, many
kids tend to get anxious and upset over limited socialization which could build
up to something much more serious as time goes on (The Atlantic). As parents,
people need to find a middle ground where a child can both freely learn and socialize
with his or her peers.

parents successfully find a middle ground where they can have a high standard
for their kid and also allow them to socialize and have fun with their friends,
then parents can be rewarded with a child that is not only both academically and
morally inclined, but always joyful and content with their family life.

are many benefits to being to higher standards. A good example would be for athletes,
seeing how our school holds people who participate in sports to a much higher ethical
standard than other students. Many coaches and teachers believe that athletes
have moral duties to the rest of the school in which that they must behave more
morally than those not in the spotlight, because their negative actions could affect
the way many people look at our school due to our athletes being the ones to
represent the school. Because of this athletes have specific moral responsibilities
to fulfill, such as following rules, demonstrating sportsmanship, and being an all-around
good and just person. Another main reason it is beneficial to have people such
as athletes held to higher standards is because of their place in our school as
role models. People, especially young kids look up to our schools athletes, both
football and other sports, as heroes who they wish to be like in the future. Since
these student athletes have such a large influence on kids, it is beneficial to
have the people they look up to as being moral heroes that they should also
strive to be.

you can’t just be held up to a higher standard in only one way such as
athletics, you also have to be held to a higher moral and academically inclined
standard as well because if you don’t then the heavy worship of an athlete solely
focusing on only one field can lead to young children and youth athletes to
focus solely on athletic goals, rather than academic or even moral goals. That’s
why it is beneficial for student athletes not only inspire kids on the court,
but also off it as well. This way it would allow many children who look up to
athletes to accept particular values, such as discipline, dedication,
excellence, and determination among many other valuable ideals. These basic
values go along with the moral compass that athletes are held to and the basis
to why it is important to hold inspirational people up to a higher standard
than other people are held to. 

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