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 why trying to be perfect wont help you achieve your goals perfectionism is the pursuit of perfection in everything. Many people consider it as good character and desirable. Perfection in everything can be a good thing but not always. You try to do everything in the perfect way you want a perfect job perfect wife. You work really hard to avoid any mistakes but sometimes you fail. Because you cant be perfect in everything nothing will satisfy you. Perfection in a healthy way is a good thing; you set good and achievable goals and concentrate on achieving goals. There are some other perfectionists who have fear of failure. They set unachievable goals and just try to achieve it. They dont do this for happiness or success they are afraid. They are always stressed and unhappy. Another problem with perfectionists is they never accept that they can be wrong. They think that they measured everything they did everything correctly how there can be any failure. You fight with yourself and never accept defeat. Another problem most of the perfectionists faces is time management. They invest so much time in making everything good they waste so much time in minor details. They never think that they can utilize this time in doing another project also. Perfectionist never takes help from other they dont consider it. They think that they are good enough to do this task. If this is your attitude then you will be isolated from everyone. The habit of searching everything ideal often causes depression because you are always stressed and tensed which lead to depression. They cannot tolerate criticism; they think that people are jealous of them. How to get rid of perfectionism set realistic goals for yourself that you can complete in time and set priorities. Dont burden yourself with so many tasks learn to distribute tasks and trust the people. Dont judge yourself if you make mistakes allow yourself some mistakes. In the beginning set mistakes for example 5 mistakes in a day are acceptable. Divide your tasks by time. Dont waste your whole time in a single thing. Decide time for every task and make a promise to yourself that you will do it in this period of time. Do your best in big projects and dont pay too much attention to less important tasks. Take criticism in a positive way. Critics tell you your mistakes now you can correct it and do a better job. Change your attitude towards failure. You cannot achieve everything. Sometimes there will be a success and sometimes failure accept both with dignity. Surround yourself with intelligent people who inspire you. It will change the environment around you. Stay motivated make it easy and work hard to fulfill your dreams.

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