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Last updated: May 19, 2019

Why do we have rules and laws? Basically, rules and laws are stuff that prevents bad things from happening, either to protect the people around you or to protect yourself.

Laws are official rules and regulations that people created to control the behavior of the members and it is how the society works. They are more likely used by governments… etc. Having rules in school help control the situation and help kids learn how and what to do, teach them about what’s good and what’s bad. Also, it creates a safer environment for the kids to learn and study. it is also important because that it maintains the order in society and helps everything get to sort out faster.

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I agree that we have to have rules in school but not too strict and not to control everything in our lives. The first reason why we have rules at school is that rules help to create a safer learning environment for students. Having a safe environment for students is important because if the students in their school got hurt the school has to take the responsibility for the student. The first example of why we having rules at school is when we get into accidents in class or in anywhere in school they need rules to deal with the emergencies that happen and the schools have to take the responsibility to protect the students. It helps the school manage and know about your situations and helps you figure out a way to solve it. The second example of why we have to have rules in school is we have to have uniform codes on our uniforms.

We have our codes because there are thousands of students in our school. The uniforms help the people at school to recognize that we are the students from school and not any kind of stranger that may harm the students in the school. The teachers or the security can easily identify the people and make school a safer environment to study.

The third example of why we have school at school is that it is easier to manage a large group of people in a more efficient way. Like when in assembly you have to stay in order or to gather together in the way the school wants you to. To manage these much people at the same time the teachers need rules to tell us what to do. If we all follow the rules and we can easily consolidate all the people in one place. So in summary rules helps to create a safer learning environment for the students. It helps manage the order of the student and help them to not suddenly go missing or to get hurt easily. If there are no rules at school the rate of people getting hurt will be much higher and the teacher will have a hard time dealing with the problems.


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