WIFI is a short range wireless connectivity standard


Wifi is technology for wireless communication based on IEEE 802.11 protocol standard. There are different version of wifi with different ranges. Wifi mostly use 2.4GHz ultra high frequency and 5.8GHz super high frequency. The uses of the WiFi Technology is contain any type of wireless lan product 802.11 with dual-band, 802.11a and 802.11b. WiFi Technology is through accessible hotspot like in the Home or Office, Airports, Hotels, Railway stations, Restaurants and many more. WiFi Technology catch without wire networking signals in specified area yet if they are from dissimilar company. The simple design of WiFi
Setup Technology makes our easier and user friendly.
Types of WI-FI Technologies:
Wi-Fi-802.11a, Wi-Fi-802.11b, Wi-Fi-802.11g, Wi-Fi-802.11n
It can be use in theMobile , Business applications, Home applications, Computerized application, Automotive segment, Browsing internet, Video conference and many more.
Wi-Fi network communication devices without wire it can be reduce the cost of wire, Wi-Fi configuration and the setup is easy than cabling process.

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Wi-Fi radiations can harm the human body and health, There is some limits to transfer the data, we cant able to transfer the data for long distance.and we can not transfer the data at very high speed.


Near Field Communication is a short range wireless connectivity standard it is uses magnetic field induction to communication between two devices when they’re touched together, and brought within a few centimeters like a 10 cm of each other.nfc is a form of wireless communication between devices like smartphones and tablets, The technology behind NFC allows a device, known as a reader, interrogator, or active device, to create a radio frequency current that communicate with second one NFC compatible devices or a small NFC tag holding the information which is the reader wants from NFC tag.

Apllication of nfc

taking pictures with a cell phone with a camera, and touch an enabled computer or television set to transmit the images for display, download applications or games to a handheld device by touching the computer, In conjunction with another wireless technology, we can transfer big files between two computer or devices, such as a laptop and a desktop, simply by touching the two nfc.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transfer data between different electronic devices.The distance of data transmission is small in comparison to other modes of wireless communication.Wireless signals are transmitted to Bluetooth device are cover short distances, generally it is 30 feet.It supports the frequency band of 2.45GHz and can support up to 721KBps.it is use ultra high frequency.

Less complicated, and Less power consumption, Available at cheaper rates in the market.
Bluetooth big contribution is to provide us a phone with a headset that works wireless based on the bluetooth, PDA, PC or laptop which has enabled Bluetooth can it communicate with each other and update with its latest information, Wireless mouse and keyboards are also supported bluetooth , Exchanging of multimedia or a data like songs, videos, pictures in two bluetooth enable devices can be transferred among devices using Bluetooth,

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