WiMAX is a wireless broadband-broadcasting technology based on

WiMAX is a wireless broadband-broadcasting technology based on wireless metropolitan areanetworking (WMAN) standard developed by IEEE 802.16 researchers. It provides high datarates, last mile wireless access, point to multipoint communication, large frequency range andguarantees QoS for various applications 2. The topology of network classified WiMAX into twomain sets, IEEE 802.16d-2004 (known as Fixed WiMAX) and IEEE802.16e-2005.

It promises todeliver the internet throughout the globe connecting the last mile of communication services 3. DOI:10.5121/caij.2015.

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2202                                                                                                                          15  1 Computer Applications: An International Journal (CAIJ), Vol.2, No.2, May 2015 Designing a paralleled-network models are needed to fully exploit hardware capabilities and toachieve the extraordinary energy efficiency target required for science and engineeringApplications 2,3.The study utilized WiMAX which enables the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access asan alternative to wired broadband like cable and digital subscriber line (DSL).

Its main advantageis to serve fixed, nomadic and portable wireless broadband connectivity without the need fordirect line-of-sight communication path with a base station. Sufficient bandwidth thatsimultaneously supports hundreds of businesses with T-1 speed connectivity and thousands ofresidences with DSL speed connectivity. These features candidate WiMAX as a suitabletechnology for the potential applications as connecting Wi-Fi hotspots with other parts of theinternet and providing data and telecommunications services 2,4.The rest of this article is structured as follows. Section 2 details related to the previousmultiprocessor performance evaluation studies. In Section 3 we present overview and architectureof WiMAX. Section 4 provides the simulation framework.

Section 5 shows the study findings andresults, while the conclusion of this study is presented in Section 6.



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