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With how much power the media has and the producers of the media have it could be relatively easy for the outlet to change an opinion and your perception. Not only can it change those things about you but also can change the people around you. Change for many people feels good but sometimes the way your changing and new thinking is not positive. Letting your mind be controlled and letting something change you and the people around you is a very scary thing. Many people do things based on what is going on in mass media or what their groups or friends are watching or following on mass media. Producers of this media that we all use use factors to persuade and entertain us and even change our beliefs. A lot of the times you are only seeing the things you see on social media because your government is allowing you to or big companies are trying to, yet again, persuade and change you. Media can have different effects on yourself and others based on how the message is sent and received. Media could use old memories and knowledge to help spread the message they want spread. They could apply a spin to the message to even shape our opinion on who they want you to believe is the good or bad guy. Mass media can not only change your opinions but changes how everybody see gender and equality. Gender is portrayed as not that bad on mass media and tones down how bad the situation really is. They base their propaganda on the argue used. Like lying about statistics saying there are 1 in 10 male cops when there is really 1 in 100. It persuades you and brings new ideas to you through interpersonal communication. It uses the things around you like your social peers and your own community. If your community is agreeing with a new idea and the argue is strong then of course you will agree with it. Once the change is set in the whole new idea could change not only yours but others perception on everything in the real world and about mass media. The biggest way Mass Media Controls your brain is by controlling you and eventually telling you what you think. Not only what you think of other people and things but also yourself, and whether you agree or not messages are put into your head to change your action or spiritual values. There are many different theories that the editors of the message being spent use. For example the magic bullet theory or the hypodermic needle are used by many of the editors. A very big theory editors use is the Two Step Flow theory. The Two Step Flow theory inserts a middle man and uses opinion leaders. The opinion leader or middle man consumes the media they hear and redefines it into their own opinion of Mass Media and brings it to their audience. People like this include people on the TV and even family or friends. The opinion leader not only gets to spread their own opinion and it is supported but they also feel empowered. Many people only listen to Mass Media and let it control them and form beliefs around it because of the feeling. It could help your each personal goals or outcomes. It could make you look smarter, make you feel relaxed, or even gratified. From that we choose the type of media or messages that do that and form what we think and our beliefs around it. Like if the message or type of media makes us feel nice then we will more than likely agree with it. Not only will you agree with it when it makes you feel nice but also as you hear it more and more you will agree with it more. In conclusion, Mass media is very very manipulative. Editors are taking you for granted and using you to spread a point. If it is a positive point it could be good change and a good thing to spread but in my opinion nothing is good if you are being controlled to spread it. The best way to form an opinion and change is within yourself based on what you want to do or what you think is the best. Mass media is a luxury for many people and sometimes people think they can’t go without it, mass media is slowly becoming one of the biggest power’s in our life.

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