With eco-tourism to South Africa is the ability

With the recent demand for eco-tourism, travelers around the world are looking for eco-tourism places that benefit many aspects of the region. Benefits reveal within the triple scope chosen to provide a reasonable assessment of ecotourism: economic, environmental, equity. One of the main economic benefits of eco-tourism to South Africa is the ability to mitigate poverty in South Africa by bringing money into the economy and creating jobs. According to Pinsof and Sanhaji “Each year, South Africa generates approximately $62 billion rand a year” (n.d.). Which represent a good rate of economy. Part of the money eco-tourism brings directly goes to the communities where the hotels are located to help in reducing poverty and bringing higher paying jobs to the local population. Another economic advantage of ecotourism is the advancement of the country’s infrastructure, which provides reinforced roads, hospitals and education to isolated areas. Due to ecotourism isolated locals can interact with people from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic groups. Ecotourism in South Africa can be an effective instrument for protecting the environment, in which encourages people to preserve and protect the nature.

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