With without hitches. Zadrozny et al. (2000) agreed

Advances in smartphone technology and proliferation of mobile apps there has
been growing need for a better communication between human and computers
(Wilks, 2009).

as people use language for human communication, they want to use their language
to communicate with computers without hitches. Zadrozny et al. (2000) agreed
that the best way to facilitate Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is by allowing
users “to express their interest, wishes, or queries directly and naturally, by
speaking, typing, and pointing”.

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Alan Turing’s 1950 famous “Test” has influenced so many researches
in the field of Artificial Intelligence and how to make machines think. For
this reason, (Wiener, 1988)
envisioned the popularity of human-machine conversation. While machine-machine
interaction controlled 61.5% of traffic on the web (Kelion, 2013), human-machine communication is yet to become popular.

With the ever growing digital population and higher internet
penetration, businesses are expected to meet more of their customers online,
transact business with them and also render important services to them which
were hitherto not so fashionable. According to a survey conducted by Statisca,
a German-based statistics and Survey company, the global digital population as
of April 2017 stood at 3.8 billion people and out of this, social media user
population is 2.9 billion people. This shows that more than 70% of the internet
users use the social media to communicate with each other.

With this in mind, brands are
becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using social media, but in the
digital world things are always evolving, this explains the reason for the
growing disparity between users of Messaging applications and social networking
applications all in the social media. It is becoming obvious that users prefer
to interact more on Messaging apps than they do In social networking app; This
is understandable because messaging applications are considered to protect
users privacy and personal to them more than their social networking

the last few years, messaging applications have seen more patronage than any
other type of application and this is expected to increase more. The user base of the four most used
messaging applications is larger than the user base of the four most used
social networks and the most frequent users are the high school and
A survey conducted by Business Insider in 2015, mobile messaging app usage is
more than social media usage with respect to Monthly Active Users (Business
Insider, 2015). Also,
usage and retention rates of Messaging applications have soared higher than
most mobile apps. Finally, the more of their users are millenials, which is an
important group to marketers and advertisers.



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