Within support groups. Also, other related responsibilities are

Within the last two weeksof my practicum, I had the privilege to shadow two managers, one supervisor andmy site advisor completing the last 20 hours of practicum experience. Mycooperating managers/supervisors were Christine, Linda, and Stacey, and my siteadvisor was Phil.

By continuing observing them at Chicago Proton Center, I wasable to determine what entails to be a manager/supervisor in a healthcaresetting more so in the specialized facility as Chicago Proton Center thattreats cancer patients.             First, in the final two weeks at theChicago Proton Center, I spent four and half hours with Christine, the patient service supervisor, who has a role where sheneeds to be in contact with many individuals throughout the day. Her roles andresponsibilities are to assist patients with personal needs such as findinghousing for patients that do not live in proximity of the center, schedulingand facilitate ancillary medical services and helping patients connecting withother patients and family support groups.

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Also, other related responsibilitiesare managing the electronic fax that contains health records that need to beexported in the patient’s chart, adhering and assuring that her staff stayscompliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA),managing the Chicago Proton Foundation’s funds that cover important secondaryexpenses like transportation, hotel stays, food, and childcare due to facilityfinancial limitation.            Furthermore, I learned many newexperiences from Christine, because it was the first time shadowing her. Forinstance, I learned how critical is to follow HIPAA rules and regulations,especially when the reception desk might be one of the most vulnerable placesin the entire center that can be violated. Christine specified some of the common violations that could happen atfront desk and there are things like: individuals see the receptionist’s screenwith full patients names that reveal patient’s schedule, recently receivedfaxes of health insurance data left on the desk, patient messages for thephysician to follow up, printed patient health records on the desk waiting forpatient to pick it up, and many other situations like these that are allHIPAA  Privacy Rule or HIPAA SecurityRule violations.             Moreover, Christine as a patient servicesupervisor stated that are never too many reminders and training sessionsregarding HIPAA Rules.

While observing her, I have noticed that she frequentlyreminded and helped her staff to strictly protect patient’s privacy. Forinstance, she stood where the patients check in and see if she could see anysensitive patient information in any form, she frequently checked the receptiondesk by making sure no patients health records are on the desk, and she checkedthat there are no written sticky notes with passwords, or patients’ messages ondesk or stuck to a computer monitor.            The next part of my experience withChristine was in her office doing some business office work. One of thebusiness office tasks is to manage funds of the Chicago Proton Centerfoundation. As part of this task, she codes invoices that were sent to thecenter for the services that patients used such as taxi invoices, hotelinvoices, and Ronald McDonald House services.

She used the PeopleSoft financeapplication to track what state an invoice is in during the approval processand the end of the month she reconciles the Chicago Proton foundation account.             Because I spent only four hours withChristine, there was no time to observe other few more things such patients’registration process, patients’ scheduling procedures, and release ofinformation (ROI) health records processing. Overall, I believe thatthe experience with Christine will be greatly beneficial to me in the futurebecause I still plan on pursuing the career of healthcare management.

As amanager in any environment, I know I will have to be able to be aware of HIPAAprivacy and security rules which is only the first measure in preparing frontdesk staff for executing policies and procedures related with HIPAA Rules. Ialso, as Christine does will have to communicate effectively with manypersonnel in order to perform my job well. All in all, I believe that skillsthat I learned, and observed during my time with Christine are a valuablehands-on experience that will assist me in my future career.



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