Women can reach or achieve, for example in

Women of all political persuasions argue for female equality in principle. Neither is it only a movement confined to the developed world.Women in developing countries increasingly see a crucial role for themselves in social and economic progress, in population control and environmental protection. They look to both the traditions of their own society and the major elements of Western feminist thinking for inspiration (Kevin and boyd300).
2-2-4 The marginalization of woman
Marginalization refers to the act of perceiving or assuming that a particular individual or a group of individuals do not have certain characteristics, qualities or traits that would make them equal to other people in the society. A person who do not have certain traits that the society considers desirable may be marginalized from receiving certain benefits in the society or may be excluded from being involved in certain social activities within the society, for example, employment or getting access to quality education. Individuals who are marginalized in the society often live desperately lives as a result of the discriminations and maltreatments that they receive.(“Custom Marginalization”)
Through marginalization, the society often sets certain limits which an individual can reach or achieve, for example in the workplace, women have been marginalized towards top managerial positions or executives positions in most large organizations. The society believes that men can serve well as senior managers or chief executive officers than women. Due to this assumption, women who might be more qualified than their male counterparts may not be recruited for executive positions in most large organizations because they are viewed as poor managers or inferior beings. In February 2010, Oprah Winfrey stated in her television talk-show, The Oprah Winfrey Show that approximately one hundred thousand women in United States of America have been marginalized from various white-collar jobs and executive positions in most large organizations, including state corporations. Marginalization of women in the workplace has resulted into increased discrimination of women in the workplace(“CustomMarginalization”).

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