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Women’s role    Women’s role was very important in World War I and also in World War II,  that was a time when women fought for their rights and proved that they are. That was a hard time for both genders. First world war made a big impact on women’s role and rights.    Before World War One women’s role was to do housework, while their husbands were at work. And they couldn’t make political decisions or defy their husband’s ideas. But everything changed as WW1 started men’s went to war and  a lot of women went to job, to work  in factories and be nurses. New jobs were created to the war effort. After WW1 their  husbands return from the war. Women laid off, and they knew that they are equal to men. So the jobs were given back to men. Women expected to return to workhouse. Those women’s  who worked during the war started to fight for equal rights, they wanted to work , like men and not be under their husbands control. Most of women were happy working because they felt that they are equal to men and that they had more freedom.  Of course not all women’s were allowed to vote in 1918 except for the women who were mothers of soldiers because of conscription crisis. As women worked hard in WW1 they gained more respect than before WW1. So basically many women lost their jobs when men come back from the war.  As World War II started everything changed again, thousands of men went away serving in the armed forces. So women had to go back to jobs, they worked as bus conductors, train cleaner, volunteer police women they worked with dangerous chemicals in factories. So everything was like in World War I but as WW2 finished women fought for their rights in 60’s all women were allowed to vote and also work In conclusion, World War I and II made a lot of changes in women’s role and rights, and those times was hard periods for both genders, because they all had to work hard, men had to fight and women had to work and in those periods women proved that they are equal to men.

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