Work knowledge base and skills Become a

Work Based Learning (WBL) module: learning contract for NQCG3132
Part A: your module details
Student name
Rachel Trent NQCG3132
Number of credits
20 ECTS (40 Credits)
6 6
Cohort start date (day, month and year)
24/10/17 Submission date
November 28th Essay date 20th March 2018
Cohort leader
Student number
23072172 Student email address [email protected] WBL Mentor
Geoff Dunning /Lisa Baugh WBL Manager
D Lockyer Unit Matron. Contributing to which award? (If relevant)
Award Leader (If relevant)
Is this a ‘set’ or previously agreed contract?
Yes / No Delete as appropriate
If Yes what is the focus? Please specify
Part B: your aim for the module
In this box explain your topic of interest and what you hope to achieve by the end of the module
My interest is PPHN in its acute phase .

Be able to be competent at nursing a neo nate during this time and phase
Widen my knowledge base and skills
Become a valuable and competent member of the neo natal team
To have the knowledge and experience to be able to work independently or within a team
Provide the highest standard of care possible
Now, in one sentence, write an overall aim for the module
To become an experienced Neo natal intensive care nurse to the highest standard possible
To be able to understand the importance and care involved in looking after a Neonate suffering from PPHN.

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Part C: your learning outcomes
In the sections below you will devise learning outcomes which will reflect the steps you will take to achieve your aim for the module. The learning outcomes should also reflect the academic level at which you are studying and the amount of credit you wish to achieve.

Learning outcomes need to be articulated in a format that makes them able to be assessed, therefore they should be expressed as a statement of intent.

More information about how to write learning outcomes is available on the module blackboard site. You can also email a draft version to the module leader, Lyn Wilson, for comments before finalising.

Learning outcome one Strategies & resources
Barriers & blockers Review – have I covered this LO in my assignment(s)?
Identify / Justify
Write a sentence saying how you will introduce and provide a rationale for your project. It might look like:
“Identify the need to………. ”
“Provide the rationale for……..”
You do not need to put the detail of what you will do in here: only summarise what you intend to achieve in the introductory part of your assignment.

This outcome will help you to articulate the background to your project and the reason for choosing it
Learning outcome two Strategies & resources
Barriers & blockers Review – have I covered this LO in my assignment(s)?
You will need to search for the evidence base that will help you achieve your aim. You will also need to critique the evidence base, that is, gain an understanding of the reliability and strength of the evidence. This learning outcome might be written:
“Critically analyse the evidence base related to………..”
This outcome will help you identify an appropriate research base for your topic.

Identify appropriate search terms for your topic.

You may want to book an appointment with a librarian if you are uncertain about how to search the literature base.

You will also need to find a critiquing tool which helps you to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence you have found.

Make sure you understand how to write at the correct academic level and seek support if you are unsure
Learning outcome three Strategies & resources
Barriers & blockers Review – have I covered this LO in my assignment(s)?
Now that you have identified evidence that helps you to form an opinion on current and potential practice say what you will propose for your practice area. (What is the PURPOSE of your research?)
This might be written:
“Draw up an evidence-based business plan/teaching package to…….”
“Draw up a personal development plan to ……..”
“Draw up clinical guidelines to…..”
This outcome will identify what changes or improvements you suggest are made in practice, based on your analysis of the evidence base.

As part of this outcome you should draft a plan for your project. You may find the Gantt chart on page 10 useful for this
Learning outcome four
As you are studying for 20 ECTS you will need to have 7 learning outcomes
Strategies & resources
Barriers & blockers Review – have I covered this LO in my assignment(s)?
4a Action
What action(s) will help you deliver your proposal?
This outcome might be written:
“Identify an evidence-based strategy for the delivery/dissemination………”
“Draw up an evidence-based plan for the achievement of my personal development plan”
This outcome will make sure that you identify a way
Make sure that you have used the evidence base to support the planned actions 4b Action
4c Action
Learning outcome five Strategies & resources
Barriers & blockers Review – have I covered this LO in my assignment(s)?
Identify a way of evaluating the work that you have done for this module
Evaluation can come in many forms. These might include:
Critical reflection on your role in presenting your proposal to practice colleagues
Critical reflection on your learning during the module
A plan to audit the proposed new practice
A plan to evaluate the implementation of the new practice
You may need to access literature on audit and evaluation. It may also help you to look at examples of previous projects and their evaluation NOW SELECT YOUR ASSIGNMENT TYPE
Assignment choices
Level 6 20 ECTS – the chosen assessment method(s) must be equivalent to 6000 words. The assessment method can comprise a mixture of assignments.

The chosen method of assignment will usually be pre-determined for those on SET contracts.

For those on INDIVIDUAL contracts the assignment method(s) can be decided by you but should be negotiated with your practice-based manager, your academic advisor and the module lead to ensure relevance and appropriateness. The chosen assignment method(s) should be clearly presented on the finalised learning contract.

You should select one of the following options:
You can submit:
Written assignment of 3000 words, AND
Oral presentation (max 25 minutes) (this must include a presentation, notes and a reference list)
Alternatively you can submit the following:
Two written assignments of 3000 words (6000 words total) (each assignment 50% of final mark)
All parts of the assignment must be passed with a minimum mark of 40%.
Exam assessments are NOT permitted.

Your choice of assignment; insert your choice here
My assignment choice (include word count and level) Note Note
If you are planning a presentation you should arrange the date for this as close to the submission date as possible, and before the submission date.

Let Lyn Wilson know the date Your assignment(s) must enable you to address ALL the learning outcomes at least once.

Part D: verification of the clinical validity of your work
This section should be signed by your clinical manager or mentor when the assignment is completed. A signed version of this contract MUST be submitted with your assignment.

I confirm that the work & assignment associated with this contract is now complete & that the content is professionally valid.

Name: Rachel Trent Signature:
Role: Staff nurse Neonatal intensive care Date:26th November 2017NB You should submit your contract for approval by the deadline indicated on Blackboard and at the induction day. The learning contract will be assessed formatively, with feedback emailed to you. If you do not submit your contract by this date it will be assessed summatively with your assignment. Any contracts not previously approved by the University will be assessed summatively with the assignment.

Part E: checks before final submission
Have you addressed all of the learning outcomes in your assignment(s)?
Have you made a copy of your work?
Have you included all of the enclosures with your submission?
Reference list
Relevant appendices (APPENDICES MUST BE ANNONYMISED, names of organisations and individuals should NOT be visible)
Copy of approved contract, signed by your manager or mentor in part D.

Following this page is an example of a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart is a way of planning your time so that you can ensure all tasks are achieved and deadlines are met.

Activity Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Submission date
Draft contract for comment -476253937000 Submit contract 15811515748000 Make appointment with librarian to learn about searching for evidence -4762551562000 Search for and gather evidence 90741522415500 Read and analyse evidence and form proposal 52641533083500 Complete all actions from learning contract 3378209207500 Write assignment
53022521145500 Proof read assignment and prepare for submission 49657016700500

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