Work Book

KEy TO WORKBOOK Worksheet 1 Grammar in use; page 9 A. 1.

4. B. 1. C. 1. 4.

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can, cannot can, cannot A 2. a languages water, land 2. 5. 3. 2. 5. can, cannot 3. can, cannot can, cannot An 4.

an 5. The, a river 3. chess miles Words in action; page 11 A. 1.

4. B. 1. 2.

loving 2. naughty famous 5. clever (a) an elephant (b) It is about to kick a ball. (a) a dog (b) It is barking. 3.

angry Writing practice; page 12 A. Ram and Sita spent fourteen years in the wilderness. For some time they lived in a hut in the forest.

Animals came and played with them. They were fond of Ram and Sita. One day Sita was sitting in front of her hut.A squirrel climbed on her lap. Sita smiled and picked up the squirrel and stroked her back. Soon there were black stripes on her back. All squirrels have black stripes now. This reminds us of Sita’s love for them.

B. Come to Juhu beach at 7 p. m. on Tuesday. Come alone with ten thousand rupees.

C. D. One possibility 1. Did you go to the moon alone? 2. Did you take tools and motor-parts with you? 3. How long did it take you to assemble the can? 4.

Was it difficult to drive on the moon? 5. Did you take any pictures? 0 Worksheet 2 Grammar in use; page 16 A. 1.

2. 3. B. 1. 4. C. 1.

4. I did not eat any fruits.I did not read any stories.

I did not have noodles. bring 2. throw hide 5. drink swim 2. video camera bread 5. ambulance 3. go 6. eat 3.

deer Words in action; page 18 A. 1. on the flowers 2. from a branch 3. on the road 4.

under the tree 5. in the sky B. 1. line 2. tree 3. branches 4.

head C. Tail Head Bowl Writing practice A. It was morning. Mrs Lal went out to walk in the park. Her dog, softy, was with her. There was a crow sitting on the grass.

Softy barked and ran towards him. The crow did not fly away. Instead it sat on his back. Softy was angry. He barked and jumped but the crow did not fly away.Then he rolled on the grass. The crow then cawed loudly and flew away.

Worksheet 3 Grammar in use; page 22 A. 1. B. 1. 2.

3. 4. C. 1.

Are, am, am 2. is 3. are What is Captain Smart? What is the name of the children’s dog? What did Capt. Smart do? What did Varun do? sets 2.

croak 3. love 5. make 4. are 4.

eats Words in action; page 24 A. 1. B. 1. write calves 2. caught 2. knives 3. Buy 3.

leaves 1 4. grow 4. wolves 5.

left C. 1. knives 2. leaves 3. wolves 4.

calves Writing practice; page 25 A. A monky is dancing and people are giving money to the owner of the monkey. The monkey is hungry. He climbs up a mango tree.His owner is angry. A kind man buys the monkey. He gives him bananas.

The monkey is sitting on the man’s shoulder. He is happy. B. Comprehension 1. In the forest. 2. She was overjoyed. 3.

A basketful of berries. 4. Only the sweet berries. C. Students should be encouraged to give an accurate description of themselves. Worksheet 4 Grammar in use; page 30 A. 1. 4.

B. 1. 4. C. 1. 4.

is having am trying in water in its hump designs the pairs 2. 5. 2.

5. 2. 5. is listening wants meat in winter teachers plays 3.

flows 6. is coming 3. hibernate/sleep 3. buys, sells Words in action; page 32 A.

1. saw, looked at 2. rrived, came 3. big, huge 4. assistant, friend 5.

leash, chain B. 1. took away 2. looking at 3.

ring up 4. fell down C. eat and drink work and play hot and cold hungry and thirsty D. 1. father mother son 2. bull cow calf 3.

house mare foal 2 Writing practice; page 35 A. 1. True 2. False 3. False 4. True 5.

True B. At 8 o’clock on 15th August, the Prime Minister went to the Red Fort. He unfurled the national flag. About a thousand children sang the national anthem.

Then he gave a speech and asked all Indians to work hard and honestly. Worksheet 5 Grammar in use; page 37 A. Words to be crossed out: 1.

n, at 2. 4. under, on 5. B. 1. basket 2.

4. mangoes 5. Words in action; page 38 A. boat, rock, rings, binoculars, leaves, handcuffs B. 1. The box is full of ship.

2. The smugglers are on the books. 3. My friend is looking at a helicopter. 4. Mrs. Kishnan has lost a silver necklace. 5.

My friend is carrying a heavy box. C. m n o map neck old meal necklace open meat nice owl Writing practice; page 40 A.

Two fishermen are getting into a boat. They are carrying their nets with them. They are catching fish. Their nets are heavy.

They are putting the fish in a basket. They are now coming back. They are happy.They will sell the fish and earn a lot of money. B. Students should be guided to write the story in their own words. over, under in front of, on house mangoes 3.

over, at 3. ground 6. money  Worksheet 6 Grammar in use; page 44 A. 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. B.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Did Dilip go to the garden? Did the cat and the dog play together? Did they want a piece of fresh meat every day? Did Bruno and Kitty sign the agreement? Did Mr.

Smith sign the agreement? Did the mice chew up the agreement? Did the mice bite Kitty’s tail? Last night the tiger entered the village. My friend danced with the gypsies. The patient groaned and cried.The fisherman caught a big fish yesterday. I flew kites on the roof. Words in action; page 46 A. 1. handsome 2.

pretty 3. fresh 4. angry B. love—fond of , park—graden, tiny—small, bits of—pieces of C. 1. love, fond of 2. garden, park 3. small, tiny 4.

pieces of, bits of D. p q r pistol queen ring plain quick road police quiet rock Writing practice; page 48 A. My Fangs is a robber. He steals money and puts it in a box in his room. Once he went to Cochin.

He came back after a month and opened his box. ‘Oh! ’ he cried. ‘Oh! ’ Where is my money which I kept in the box? There are only small bits of paper.

What had happened? The mice had nibbled at the notes. Mr Fangs was very angry but he could do nothing. 1.

13. 2. Because his other senses were strong and powerful.

3. After he became blind. 4. 33  5. 6. The steep slopes and frequent weather changes. His indomitable spirit and confidence.

Oral Test—1; page A. Different responses. For example: 1. There is ice cream in my eyes. 2. It is about a burglar/a detective/two children.

3. Captain smart, Mr X, Varun and Veena. 4.

Different answers. 5. Mr X/Miss Z B. 1. About 25 million dollars. 2. To buy food and keep them happy and healthy. 3.

They are happy and healthy. . Cats and dogs. 5. As members of the family. Written Test—1; page A. 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. B. C. D. Captain Smart.

Mr X and Miss Z So that Mr X and Miss Z slip and fall down while running. She fired a pistol in the air. Yes, As soon as he heard the pistol he told Miss X that they should run out of the bank. worked, return, shrugged, wandered off, refused, acted, slapped, teased, want, look at I love English. Every month Mr Jha, our teacher, teaches us a poem which I learn by heart. Dr Smith, an American, is our Princiapl .

1. from its nest 2. on the road 3. As it was in danger of being crushed by a cart. 4. eat and vegetables. 5. He would sometimes pull the dog’s tail.

I Don’t Like You There is a crow in a tree. He has a piece of meat in its beak. There is a fox under the tree. He is hungry.

He is looking at the meat in the crow’s beak. He is saying, ‘Mr Crow, you sing so sweetly. Please sing a song. ’ The crow is happy.

He starts singing. E.  As soon as he opens his beak, the piece of meat falls down to the ground.

The fox picks it up and eats it up. ‘Thank you, foolish crow,’ the fox is saying. The crow is angry. He says, ‘I don’t like you.

’ Worksheet 7 Grammer in use; page 58 A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. B. 1.

. 3. 4. C.

1. 2. 3. What did the children do? Where did they fly kites? Where were the baby birds? What did their mother bring for them? What did they do after eating their food? Where is the owl? What is it doing? Where is your dog? What is it doing? Traveller: What is your name? Ali Baba: My name is Ali Baba. Traveller: What are you? Ali Baba: I’m a woodcutter. Traveller: Where do you live? Ali Baba: I live not far from the forest. Words in action; page 60 A.

friend, wood, donkey, saddle B. a heap of sand, a lot of money, a pile of clothes, a bundle of wood C. 1. a heap of sand 2.

a lot of money 3. pile of clothes 4. a bundle of wood Writing practice; page 61 I am the woodcutter’s donkey. I have a lot of hair on my body. It is not soft.

It is very rough. One day my master took me to a barber’s shop. And the barber put soap on my back. I did not like it. Then he started cutting my hair.

I kicked the barber. He was afraid and stopped shaving me. Wasn’t he a foolish barber!  Worksheet 8 Grammar in use; page 63 A. 1. B. 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. C. 1. 5. D. 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. shine 2. carries 3. lives 4.

kill does not snow in Kolkata. does not treat sick people. does not live in rivers.

does not drink a cup of coffee. oes not love cabbage. doesn’t eat insects. for 2. During 3. for during 6.

for 7. during Mr Jones lives in a cottage. Every morning he goes to the coffee shop. His dog, Toffee, sits under his chair. He puts the coin on the counter. Toffee brings the newspaper home in his mouth.

5. eat 4. For 8. for Words in action; page 66 A.

frog, leaves, rocks, toothbrush B. 1. The Earth has a satellite. 2. Doctors have stethoscopes. 3. Farmers have tractors. 4.

A stork has long legs. 5. Camels have humps. C. hut cut shut hall call wall cat class can Writing practice; page 68 A. 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. B.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.In picture A the policeman is not riding a bicycle. In picture A there is no moon in the sky. In picture A the policeman has a walkie talkie in his hand.

In picture A only one brick in the wall can be seen. In picture A the policeman does not have a revolver. In picture A the policeman is not pointing a gun at the thief. A learned man from the south. That he was very clever.

Yes. Two. The first one  6. 7. Because he had agreed to answer only one questions. No. Worksheet 9 Grammar in use; page 71 A. 1.

2. 3. 4. B. 1. Where is your cat now? She’s lying on the sofa. What was your holiday like? We had a great time.

What is your cat called? Silky What do you think of his playing? He needs a lot more practice. Who 2. Which 3. Which 4. Who 5. Who Words in action; page 72 A.

1. 2. 3.

4. B. 1.

It is an elephant. It is a tree. It is a boat. It is a bowl. behind 2. thin 3.

short 4. strong 5. long Writing practice; page 74 1.

2. 3. 4.

5. In winter. No. It is dark and cloudy. In summer. From Tiger Hill. Like a finger of snow pointing towards the sky. Worksheet 10 Grammar in use; page 76 A.

1. B. 1. for from 2.

with 2. about 3. on, at 3. into 4. of, in 4.

out of 5. with 5. of Words in action; page 77 A. 1. long 2. warm 3. old 4. sweet 5.

ill B. fireworks, fruit seller, halfway, postbox, grandmother C. 1.

fruit seller 2. halfway 3. grandmother 4. fireworks 5. postbox  D.

1. 5. 9. E. 1. 5. 9.

second sixth tenth eleventh fifteenth nineteenth 2. third 6. seventh 2. twelfth 6. sixteenth 10. twentieth 3. fourth 7.

eighth 3. thirteenth 7. seventeenth 4. fifth 8. ninth 4. fourteenth 8. eighteenth Writing practice; page 80 A. 1. I have four legs. They are rather long. I have a fairly long neck and a bushy tail. I take part in races. Answer : You are a horse. 2. I am huge, black, and rather ugly. I have two horns and two ears.I love sitting in ponds. People like to photograph me. Answer : You are a rhinoceros. 3. I am small and cute. I curl up anywhere. I love sleeping on soft cushions. I climb trees. I can drink half a litre of milk at a time. Answer: You are a cat. B. An example: I am a big bird. I have a long, beautiful tail. I dance when it rains. My feathers opens up and people take my photograph. Answer : You are a peacock. C. Mother Duck looked at her ducklings. They were paddling in the pond near her. Four of them were beautiful. They were yellow and soft. The fifth one was ugly. It was grey and had only a few feathers.Everyone called it the ugly duckling. She was sad and ran away from home. She lived in a forest all by herself. She was lonely. When someone came she hid herself behind bushes. One day the ugly duckling stepped out of the forest and went to a lake. She saw three swans swimming in the lake. She also joined them. They welcomed her. She looked at herself in the clear water of the lake. No ugly duckling looked back at her. Instead she had become a beautiful, white swan. The duckling smiled joyfully. She realized that from an ugly duckling she had turned into a beautiful swan Worksheet 11 Grammar in use; page 84 A. . 2. 3. Grandfather is going to take me to the zoo this evening. … It is going to rain. Miss Jha is going to teach us grammar today.  4. 5. B. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. … They are going to eat the green grass there. Amit is going to climb a tree and pick some fruit. … The shopkeepers are going to close their shops. … Her mother is going to bake a cake for her. Next Monday we are going to have our sports day. We are going to take part in the march past. Our class is going to sing the national anthem. Words in action; page 86 A. 1. 4. B. 1. 4. burns build up helmet ladders 2. 5. 2. 5. rings gives telephone kitchen 3. ut out 3. fire engines Writing practice; page 88 Picture 1: Vikram is a police inspector. Everyday he goes to the police station. When the telephone rings he rushes out. He calls a policeman and says, ‘Come with me. There has been an accident. A car hit a tree and overturned. ’ Picture 2: Vikram and the other policeman are at the site. They are taking the man out of the car. He is not badly injured. They have sent for an ambulance. They are taking the injured man to a hospital in the ambulance. Worksheet 12 Grammar in use; page 90 A. 1. went 2. travelled 3. reached 4. climbed on, went 5. saw 6. ooked B. It was a bad start to the match. The football bladder had a puncture. As Vishu was trying to take the bladder out, he tore its mouth. It took over an hour to fix a new bladder. Words in action; page 91 A. 1. B. 1. 4. C. 1. camera grocer baker blew off 2. 2. 5. 2. pen chemist tailor peeped out 3. oars 3. barber 3. stood 4. can 4. sank 0 Writing practice; page 93 TheLion A. The lion is called the king of the jungle. The male lion is handsome. He has a mane. The lion eats deer, cows, zebras. He ever eats fish. The lion runs very fast. He can run 48 kilometres an hour over a short distance. B.A wolf thought of a plan. He found an old sheepskin. He put it on. Now he looked like a sheep. He walked into the field and joined the sheep. In the evening the shepherd came to get his flock. The sheep started lowing when they saw him. The wolf also opened his mouth but a howl came out. The shepherd realized he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He beat him with a stick and the wolf ran for his life. Written Test—2 A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. B. 1. 2. 3. 4. Two rupees. to the coffee shop on the counter a piece of fruit cake ashamed funny tricks He gave her enough to eat. One night. Because people are afraid of her.They run away when they see her. 5. Because she did not know the way to the forest. C. go, played, won, went, enjoyed D. 1. on 2. in 3. at 4. behind 5. at E. There is a hunter in the forest. He wants to shoot a pigeon. He is aiming his gun at it. An ant sees this. She bites the hunter’s hand. The hunter drops his gun. The pigeon flies away. ‘Thank you, ant,’ the pigeon said. Now the ant is in a pond. She cannot swim. She is drowning. The pigeon sees her. He throws a leaf on the water. The ant climbs on the leaf and dries itself. She tells the pigeon, ‘You have saved my life. Thank you. ’ 1



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