World of Goo Walktrough

Going Up “Easy as Goo Pie” Goal: 4 goos OCD: Collect 11 or more goos. Goo Types: Black The pipe is located directly above the starting structure. All you have to do is build a tower to reach the pipe and the remaining goos will be sucked in. In order to get the OCD, you must only use three goos to complete the tower. Just make sure to place each goo as high as you can so that the third goo can be pulled in by the suction of the pipe. To tell if you are placing the goo high enough, the white guideline should be either entirely or almost invisible; place the good right at the border. edit] Small Divide “Easier than it Looks” Goal: 8 goos OCD: Collect 16 or more goos. The pipe is located on the opposite side of a ravine with sleeping goos directly underneath it.

In order to reach the pipe, you must build a bridge across the chasm. Unfortunately, because your structure isn’t completely rigid, the bridge will begin to sag as you build it. You may have to build up a bit if the bridge sags too much. When you reach the other side of the ravine, the sleeping goos will wake up. Use the goos you have remaining to build up to the pipe, making sure that you have at least 8 goos to complete the level. edit] Hang Low “Wake the Sleeping Goos” OCD: Collect 22 or more goos. Goo Types: Albino The pipe is located above the structure and a bunch of sleeping goos are located at the bottom of the stage.

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The first step is to build a ladder down to the sleeping goos. Once they have been woken up, build a tower on the top of the structure to reach the pipe. This simple strategy, however, will not allow you to collect the 22 goo balls needed for OCD.

For OCD begin by pulling all the goo balls off the existing structure; they are weighing the ladder down, so it takes more goo balls to reach the pipe.Then build a ladder to the pipe with only five goo balls Pulling all the balls off the ladder irst makes the structure lighter so that it can activate the pipe suction with fewer goo balls used in construction. Then use the remaining goo balls to aggressively collide with the sleeping goo balls. Grab a goo ball and fling at the sleepers, and let go Just before reaching the sleeping goo balls, which flings the sleeping goo balls into the air. Goo balls will wake up when they approach the ladder.

You may have to grab some goo balls off the ladder before they reach the pipe so you can continue to collide the sleepers.Be cautious not to let go at a time that will build a ladder. This trategy allows all the goo balls that would have been used in the first strategy to actually be saved and achieve OCD. [edit] Impale Sticky “If You Get in Trouble, Just Go Back in Time” Goal: 26 goos OCD: Collect 42 or more goos. lypes: Black The pipe is located on the top of the stage. You must build a structure that loops around a corner and avoids a spinning cog.

Further, if you build too far out to the left, the weight of the structure will cause it to break. To begin, build the structure to the right for some counterweight to support the structure.Then begin to build out to the eft making sure to steer clear of the spinning cog. Remember that the goos moving around on the structure will causes it to wobble, so you need plenty of room between the structure and cog. Build around the corner to reach the pipe. [edit] Ivy Towers “Brace Yourself” Goal: 2 goos Goo Types: IVO’ Gradually work your way to the top – reach up as far as you can with the ivy goos, trying to follow the pattern for the tower you are building. When you run out of available goos, tear ones from the far bottom and place them on top.

To get OCD, reach the suction without any mobile goos.Once there, sever the top two goos from he rest of the structure, to give a dangling mint-tower. Disassemble the lower tower, sending the goos one-by-one to the suction. Finally, pull the lower goo away to pull the 16th goo into the collection. [edit] Tumbler “Keep Growing” OCD: Collect 35 or more goos. Goo Types: Green Since the room keeps turning around, you will have to expand your tower in all directions. As it grows, it will eventually become large for the room and reach the top. To get OCD, build the tower “inefficiently” to reach the suction without any mobile goos.

Once there, sever the top two goos from the rest of the structure, to give a angling mint-tower. Disassemble the lower tower, sending the goos one-by-one to the suction. Finally, pull the lower goo away to pull the 35th goo into the collection.

[edit] Chain “Balance” Goal: 15 goos OCD: Collect 25 or more goos. Goo Types: Ivy, Common Use the iw goos to reach the common goos sleeping at the bottom, then use the i’vy goos to reach the top. To get OCD, use the iw goos to weigh down one side of the chain. Then, gradually build the tower to the top, placing a common black goo at the top.

Sever the top and bring the goos to the exit one-by-one.The last goo involves breaking the top. edit] Flying Machine “Some Balls are Lighter than Other Balls” OCD: Complete level in 16 seconds or less. Goo Types: Balloon, Black Use the baloons to raise the gates, then attach the balloons to the tower.

[edit] Fisty’s Bog “Not Too High, Not Too Low” Goal: 6 goos OCD: Complete level in 14 moves or less. lower 0T Goal: 25 goos “Hlgner ana Hlgner” OCD: Collect 65 or more goos. [edit] Ode to the Bridge Builder “It Looks Harder than it is” Goal: 8 goos OCD: Collect 38 or more goos. [edit] Regurgitation Pumping Station “It’s a Secret” Goal: Make it to the top OCD: Complete level in 42 moves or less.Goo Types: You first need to brace your structure against the sides of the stomach, to prevent chaotic motions from knocking the tower down, then build upward.

Go up cautiously, as it’s easy for the tower to topple to the side. Avoid the gears on the left and right and go straight up through the small gap. When you build far enough into the throat, your tower should be forced up, and some goos may be left behind in the stomach.

The remaining task is to attach the giant eyes to your structure. These eyes will act as balloons, and will carry your tower into the sky. Drool “Welcome back” Goal: 10 goos OCD: Collect 24 or more goos.Goo Types: Water, Ivy Create a long chain from the top until you start waking the ivy.

Once you do, create an structure near the top, which you drop into the water below. Place your spare goo balls here, inorder to make them easy to manage. Next, build an i’vy structure slowly to the syphon to the left. [edit] Fly Away Little ones “Multi-terrain hover mobile” OCD: Collect 12 or more goos. Goo Types: Plain, Water, balloon Pull the initial structure up with the balloons, and move the structure to the right. To do so, float it with three balloons, and quickly move balloons from the left to the right of the structure.On the right, you will get access to both plain goos (which can’t bond with the strucuture) and water goos.

Move your structure-wheel above the syphon and create a chain down to collect the goos. [edit] Blustery Day “here come the windmills” Goal: 9 goos OCD: 18 goos Goo Types: Water, Balloon You need to build a water chain over the spinning windmills, and to the pipe on the right. [edit] Welcoming Unit “please wipe your feet” Goal: 36 goos OCD: 61 goos Goo Types: Ivy, Balloon, Plain You need to get the plain goos past the security system.The outer security system can be bypassed by raising the outer scraper with three Dalloons. 10 get goos Into tne maln area, place Ivy goos to allow plaln goos to attacn. Once you snuck all goos into the main area, use all available balloons to raise the structure to the exit.

[edit] Beauty School Goal: 16 goos OCD: 21 seconds or less. Goo Types: IVO’, Beauty Ball, Balloon First, raise the upper goo tower with the two ballons. When the beauty ball rolls down, break the chain, anduse an ivy goo to reach the red pipe exit. [edit] Leap Hole “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” OCD: Finish in 13 seconds or less.Goo Types: I’vy With the three loose ivy goos, build a path to the pipe. Separate all but two goos from he pipe, and move the remaining goos into the upper area.

[edit] Volcanic Percolator Day Spa “bubble up” Goal: 12 goos OCD: Finish in 30 or fewer moves Goo Types: Common, Ivy, Beauty Ball You can only collect the Beauty Ball goos on this level. To win, there are two things to do: Move the beauty ball to the top by building the tower. Each goo will push the ball upward before it is shredded by a gear before returning to the main goo structure.Collapse the upper tower; a quick way to do it is to have a goo make contact with the flower on the left. Build a small tower to the red pipe.

[edit] Whistler “learn how! Goal: 20 goos OCD: Finish in 29 seconds or less Goo Types: Water, Plain This is the first level where the whistle is required, and it is used by holding down without a goo selected. The whistle will attract any available goos which would otherwise try to move as close as possible to the pipe. You have a metal beam held at the top with Goos, and is covered with plain goos.Since you can’t grab or make structures with this, you need to collect the water goos.

Hold to attract the plain goos to the left, to alert the water goos. Pickup two water goos, and have them create a chain to the exit pipe on the right. edit] Beauty and the Electric Tentacle “how did she get up there? ” Goal: 16 goos OCD: 29 goos Goo Types: Balloon, Beauty Ball, Albino, Water The objective is to move the beauty ball to the far right by building a water chain across the ravine. For OCD, put any remaining water goo balls into the exit ramp. You will need 9 extra goos, which includes one of the albino goos.

edit] The Red Carpet “get ready for the close up” ‘Goal: 10 goos OCD: 45 or fewer moves Goo Types: Albino, Beauty Ball, Ivy e au Ball needs to De sent to tne rlgnt First, you need to setup the iw bridge on the right-side of the map. At the very least, uild a stable platform that allows the beauty ball to either be caught or rolled into the right piping. Next, you need to build a tower on the left using the albino goos.

This will weigh down the scale below, causing the red carpet to extend and causing the beauty ball to roll downward. If the ball doesn’t enter the area to the right, push it in with any remaining Ivy Goos.Once the beauty ball breaks up, build the tower to the red pipe. O moves, 57 seconds The easiest way to obtain OCD is to exploit a loophole in the level. Instead of building the tower, throw a goo above the red carpet so that it comes close to the beauty ball. Then, pickup the goo, and throw it against the red carpet do that it begins to lower. As shown in the video, advanced players may also want to exploit physics glitches to throw the initial goo tower against the red pipe, as well as to throw an albino goo against the beauty ball to ensure it reaches the pipe without the need for an initial bridge.

edit] Genetic Sorting Machine “some balls are prettier than other balls” Goals: 8 balls OCD: 24 or fewer moves Goo Types: Beauty Ball, Ivy, Balloon. Your objective is to get the beauty balls to the top by moving them to the cylinger that matches their icon. The “greater” beauty ball is moved to the right, and it has a slightly different colour than the “lesser” beauty balls which are moved to the left. Once you have sorted the beauty balls, the ugly ones will form a bridge at the bottom area. The beautiful one will be caught in a i’vy rope. Tear the two i’vy ropes apart, and the remains of the beautiful ball will be sent to the top.

Raise the hand with the balloons and the beauty balls will enter the red pipe. Burning man OCD: 11 moves Goo types: Bomb Build a path to the flame at the bottom, avoiding the spikes. Attach the balloons on the bottom-right corner of the square.

o get them towards the exit pipe. OCD is possible by trying to hug the upper ceiling. [edit] Second Hand Smoke OCD: 25 goo Goo types: Bomb, plain To obtain your quota, build the tower, making sure the bomb goos have a clear path around the white goos; for best effect, make a complete circle. Once the circle is complete, build towards the exit pipe.

This causes the bomb goos to burn and eventually cause the white structure to fall onto the hand. The plain goos will then jump on to the structure and exit. Any bomb goos that you collect are capable of bursting while in the exit pipe. As such, OCD may be difficult to obtain. edit] Misty’s Long Bony road Goal’ B goos OCD: 26 goo Common, Bone Bone goos are immune to spikes. As such, you will need to use them to brace the bridge against the ground, and may even have to move the bones.

For OCD, walk the bone goos to the hill Just before the pipe, and build your tower there. edit] Super Fuse Challenge Time OCD: 32 goo Match, Beauty This mission has a time limit, as shown by match fuses burning at the bottom; you have about 60 seconds before your tower collapses. Build the tower to contact the beauty goo balls, and connect the tower to the beauty pipe. When you do, you should ave at least enough goos to complete the mission.

For OCD, however, you need to recover all 32 beauty goos. [edit] The Third Wheel OCD: 9 moves Goo types: Pokey, Ivy, Bone Get the pokey goo attached to the first spinning wheel, and when the structure reaches the top, attach it to the second one.Avoid the beautiful wheel until you collect the two bone goos. Once you have them, try setting them up at the right position, where they form a brace on each side of the platform of the rotating beauty.

Once they are in position, plant the pokey goo between the two bones. [edit] Upper Shaft OCD: 45 goo Goo types: Ivy, Common, Plain, Bomb Use the goos to lower the spiky bomb until it is between the two buildings. Move excess bomb goos to the i’vy chain above, and ignite the bomb chain below by building downward. Start building from the hanging i’vy chain at the top to reach the exit. edit] Water lock OCD: 44 goo Goo types: Plain, Blow Attach the blow goo to the large circle in the rotating area. When it reaches the bottom, detach it. OCD only requires collecting all plain goos. [edit] You have to Explode the Head OCD: 49 goo Goo types: Bomb, Plain Build a tower to the side of the spinning robot head, being careful not to touch the lame or head until the spiky bomb becomes active.

Once the bomb is ready, attach it to the robot and ignite the matches, being sure to preserve as many as possible from destruction. Once the head is destroyed, you can build a path to the exit. edit] Incineration Destination Goal’ 12 Deauty goos OCD: 34 moves Goo types: Boom, Albino, beauty Build a tower of matches straight up. If it begins to topple when it is short, reinforce it with an albino goo. When it becomes long enough, try to topple it to the other side, and quickly make the final connection with the bomb goo as it falls. Attach the two ticky bombs to the appropriate walls, and create the upper bridge layer with an albino chain. Start burning the bridge.

When the bombs burn away, the albino chain will fall and stick to the sides.The beauty goos will fall into the chain. Build a tower to the exit to complete the level. [edit] Product launcher OCD: 12 moves Detach the Buys.

This breaks the large goo balls into smaller pieces. Once the matches wake up, build a tower to the flame above. Completing this mission will launch Product Z. This upgrades the World of Goo Corporation, improving the graphical quality and making it less boring. However, your task is not yet complete…

Hello, World OCD: 9 seconds Goo Types: Digital, Common Fling a digital goo to the right. Once the blocks awaken, build a path to the exit. edit] Bulletin Board System OCD: 13 goos Fling the digital goos down to the structure below. Fling them through the two gears (when they are at the top-right corner, try aiming directly between the two gears, they should hit the first block), then throw them over the final spinning gear. Build the path to the exit. Note that gravity pushes your goos to the west rather than down. [edit] Grape Vine Virus Goo Types: Digital, Red You first need to bring a digital goo into the red area below. Then, throw them upward to build a chain.

For best effect when climbing, throw them with a high arc.For best effect when attaching a red goo to the chain, wait until is half-way and starts swinging towards the red goo. This helps minimize horizontal speed. OCD requires the exact number of red goos to be used, and has no room for any goos killed by the gears. [edit] Graphic Processing Unit OCD: 12 goos The gravity is towards the center. Fire a digital goo around the central globe, aiming for the red goos at the back. Once you do so, start making a chain from the red goos at the link to the south.

Once you Dulla a cnaln 0T tnree, you can sena your remalnlng Olgltal goos to tne exit.I ne digital goo only attaches to the red chain; the inert part of the chain isn’t usable. One possible tactic in aiming the red goos is to aim horizontally, and then aim towards the center at a lower velocity to build the chain. [edit] Road Blocks OCD: 22 moves (including block moves) Goo Types: Common, Plain, Solid blocks The task is simple: build a bridge across the gap. The easiest method is building a block tower, and using the goos to build a bridge that crosses the chasm.

[edit] Graceful Failure OCD: 36 seconds Goo Types: Beauty, solid blocksWithout having your beauty goos fall to the side, throw away the stone blocks underneath. [edit] Alice and Bob and the Third Party Goal: 30 goos OCD: 42 goos Goo Types: Red, Digital, Solid Blocks Use the long stone blocks to seal off the spinning gears. Then use the square blocks to build a tower to the top. [edit] The Server Farm OCD: 24 goos Goo Types: Common, Plain Build a balanced tower to the exit pipe in the top right corner. This server only has a 99. 9% uptime guarantee; as such, building a lop-sided tower will cause the platform to tilt and throw away the goos if it leans too far to one side.If necessary, you can build around one side of the platform to prevent it from falling off in one direction; however you still need to reach the pipe on the top-right corner.

[edit] MOM’s Computer OCD: 15 modes You are in a desktop. Not much you can do with the common goos as they are contained within a window. However, you can build a tower of games if you want.

Head high enough and you can scroll past the top of the desktop. To complete the level, click on Shortcut to MOM. Go through the dialogue options as desired. [edit] Deliverance OCD: 7 moves The undelete pill will fall down, but is blocked by obstacles.Throw a digital goo into the red flame to have it catch fire. It will shortly explode, taking out any nearby blocks.

A burning goo will also try to ignite other burning goos as well, and can even cause a chain reaction allowing the undelete pill reach the bottom of the tunnel. The final obstacle is a web of common goos. Since you cannot use any of the goos above (they are automatically destroyed), you need to throw a goo on the left to the lower dangling tail.

When the tail swing to the right, shoot the goo upward into the flame, and have it bounce into the net. The undelete pill will be free to hit the bottom.The World of Goo Corporation is upgraded once again. InTesty m e Worm Goal:4 goos OCD:16 goos Your tower is initially hanging between two platforms. To move it across, you need to attach the four balloons on the left of the tower to pull it up. Then, gradually lower it by moving the balloons back. In some cases, the tower doesn’t extend to across platforms.

While you can extend the distance slightly by rocking the tower back and forth (by repeatedly moving balloons on the left-side of the tower), you may need to expend goos to reach the next platform. [edit] Horizontal Transportation InnovationCommittee OCD: 40 goos Your objective is to build a bridge to the platform to the right, starting with the tower on the left. Note that the tower is anchored by a hinge that can cause the tower to swing once it becomes unbalanced. The length of the gap is close to the height required to nearly reach the sign above the starting location. Once the tower is high enough, topple the tower to the right (using a balloon in the bottom left corner if necessary) to have it land on the right platform. [edit] Weather Vane Your objective is to build a tower and a bridge over a spinning windmill.The tower irst needs to grow upward.

When you collect the balloons, you need to have them support the bridge over the windmill as you reach the exit. [edit] Observatory Observation System This is the final level. Attach the Goos floating in the water to the telescope to complete it.

BALL TYPES There are many types of goo balls in the game and each of them have unique abilities. The player needs to exploit their combinations in order to complete each of the levels. Some of the ordinary balls have no special abilities, and permanently attach themselves to the structure.

While part of the structure, they cannot be used lsewhere nor they can reach the pipe to be rescued. A permanently attached goo ball can separate from the structure if it touches a non-lethal side, however, this more commonly produces a structure that buckled under its own weight rather than being a useful trick. Common Goo The standard, black ball. Maximum of two connections on placement. Pushes/pulls connections to its optimum length. Albino Goo White goo ball. Maximum of four connections on placement. Does not push/pull strongly to gain optimum length.

Goo Can be attached and detached from the structure.Maximum of three connections on placement. Pushes/pulls very strongly to reach its optimum length, resulting in strong spring-like tendencies. Balloon Goo Fly upwards, which allows the player to lift other objects. Only one connection.

Does not push/pull. Water Goo A translucent ball, seen in a trailer for the game as being able to form single connections to other Goos, and hence form long chains. Pokey Goo A splKy yellow Dall, also aDle to Torm Tour connections and, on placement, Torms spikes that stick it to the terrain. Fuse Goo A deformed red ball, forming up to two matchstick-like bonds. Highly flammable and used for chain reactions.

Bone Goo A skull, able to form three bonds and impervious to hazards such as spikes, spinning discs, and flames. Beauty Ball Goo There are two types of Beauty Ball – ‘pretty’ (pink) and ‘ugly’ (yellow). Both are oversized Goo Balls which are broken down by certain surfaces into smaller Beauty Product balls, which can exclusively be sucked into Red Pipes (unlike other Goos, which only go into the Black Pipes).

Plain Goo An eye-less, Jet-black Goo which cannot form bonds with other Goos or be moved around by the mouse. In the Information Superhighway chapter, some Plain Goos are a vivid green color. Digital GooSeen in the Information Superhighway chapter, square Digital Goos have similar properties to Common Goo, whilst round Digital Goos start off green and cannot be moved, however they can be selected and flung across the level.

The round Digital Goos can also be converted into red Digital Goos, which are able to form single bonds when flung into other red Digital Goos. All Digital Goos are flammable. Block Goo Technically not Goos, Block Goos are parts of the broken-up Information Superhighway and can be stacked atop each other to make towers.

Bomb Goo A goo that explodes when it gets in contact with fire. Used to remove blocking walls.

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