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WORLD PEACE PROJECT’Sophie? Can I see you for a second?’ Asked Mathew, Sophie’s boss’Ya sure!”Your friend Mia has not been responding to my messages on the WPP chat”Oh!’ Sophie looked surprised ‘I will pass on the message when I next see her’ Momentarily worried about Mia, Sophie went back to work and pushed the thought aside.Sophie and Mia were best friends. They had known each other since childhood and were inseparable after that. 27 years and this is the first time Mia hadn’t replied to a message from work.’…Mathew left a message on the group, I think you haven’t read it.’ said Sophie, when she met Mia in the evening.’Are you free around 7 p.m?”Sure’ Mia replied uninterestedly ‘ See you then. Bye’ without waiting for a response, Mia left Sophie wondering what just happened.’Bye’ Sophie murmerd to no one in particular. ‘I’ll just get started with my own work’.The company DDSC (Defence and Development System of Carapolis), had bagged this prestigious project because of their past record of making successful world peace projects. A recent one was made to detect bombs for which the ruler of Carapolis gave them an award. Sophie secretly hoped they could keep the record. They had to work earnestly and diligently. But for some reason, Mia kept on making mistakes. They were supposed to present the project on the Independence Day parade. It was coming nearer and Mia’s commitment was going further away.’Done!’ exclaimed Sophie delightfully as she screwed in the final screw of the machine. All the efforts and the sleepless night seemed to have paid off. In front of the team stood a 5 feet tall Retina Scanner. It was surrounded by metal pieces of all sizes and tiny screws. In one corner of the room lay some drafts of the model. The final model was at the centre of the room. DDSC had used a high level of artificial intelligence. The scanner was supposed to look through the retina of one’s eye and scan the mind. If this Retina Scanner was successful, it would be put at all the entry and exit points of Carapolis and it would spread worldwide.Everyone started cheering. Sophie looked around across the room searching for Mia. She was hoping for an excited hug but all she got from Mia was a cold smile. Sophie smiled back. She was too happy to be worried about that.Everyone agreed to a trial round, so DDSC decided that only the people from the project will test the model. Sophie, who was the head of the project, went first. The scan was successful! Sophie was disappointed to see Mia way behind.’Mia! Mia! Why are you back there? Come at the front, you’re a part of the production team!’ shouted Sophie over the noise.’Nah! I’ll just stay here!’ She replied nervously.Everything seemed to be normal. It truly was a proud moment for the DDSC, especially for Sophie. She was discussing something with Mathew when a beeping sound echoed in the hall. This meant there was an unwanted person in the room.Sophie turned and saw a panic-stricken Mia and an awestruck crowd. She gasped, ‘Mia?’How is this possible?! Everybody loved Mia. She could never be an unwanted person in Carapolis. Sophie was sure there was a major problem in the model. She knew Mia had been acting weird lately, but that didn’t mean she would change from inside. Being her best friend, it was Sophie’s responsibility to comfort Mia when she was uncomfortable. Maybe they could go for a dinner at their favourite restaurant later that night.It was a bright Saturday morning. Sophie, on her way to Barataca, was on a ferry to find some resources for the project after the failure of the scanner. She was reflecting back on her conversation with Mia. Sophie had met Mia in her office. ‘Hi Mia! Remember that island you went to find materials for the scanner?’ Sophie had asked. ‘Well I’m going there to find the materials that you couldn’t find’ as Sophie spoke, Mia’s eyes had gotten wider and she looked worried. Sophie felt there was definitely something bothering Mia.’Ma’am, we are approaching Barataca!’ Said the captain of the ferry, interrupting her train of thought. ‘There is a problem in the ferry so we will stop by on this island for some time.’ He informed.’Okay!’ replied Sophie. She got down from the ferry and was happy to be on a strange island away from all the tensions she had been experiencing for the last one month. Suddenly she saw an unconscious girl lying on the shore. The face was dirty with the sand and leaves but still, it looked familiar. She tried everything: splashed some water on her, she shook her. But nothing seemed to work. Then Sophie got an idea. She tickled her and her eyes fluttered open. She paused for a moment’Sophie?’ She looked confused.’Mia!’ Sophie shouted. ‘How are you here?’ You are supposed to be in Carapolis researching the model!”I know, I know there is a lot of explaining to do.’ she replied.’I’m listening!’ Sophie said impatiently.’Before that, can you get some food and water, from the ferry please?’ Mia asked.’Sure!’Once the two girls had finished eating, Sophie raised her eyebrows at Mia. Mia smiled and said. ‘Be patient! Let me drink water!’ And laughed again. Sophie knew it was weird, but she got a feeling that Mia had changed back to her old self.’Okay, so… remember that day I had gone to Barataca to get resources? Well, I never went back to Carapolis.’ She said.’What? That doesn’t make sense! Sophie said disbelievingly.’Wait! Let me finish! I just started!”Oh’So Mia recounted the events that took place. She had gotten all the resources. The people of Barataca were really nice and helpful. Before her departure, they had arranged a dinner for her. She was asked many questions and the purpose of her visit. Without realising their real intentions she told them, well not everything, but a lot about their project. The ruler of that island came with her halfway on the ferry to see her off telling that it was their custom to bid farewell to their special guests. But her real plan was really dangerous. Mia was thrown out of the ferry in the middle of the sea. Before she became unconscious the ruler laughed at Mia and told her plan. The name of the ruler was Daisy. Their small island was engaged in all sorts of wrongdoings. They were not in favour of peace and didn’t want Carapolis to make another peace project.So Daisy disguised herself as Mia and was trying to sabotage their latest model.’Ohhh! Now it all makes sense! And that means the Retina Scanner works!’ Sophie was relieved and told Mia everything she had missed.A week after Daisy was captured, DDSC got another award. The Retina Scanner was successful and had spread worldwide. Most importantly, Sophie and Mia went back to being the inseparable pair!Name: Sheuli VarmaClass: Grade 5Age: 10 yearsTitle: World Peace Project Word Count: 1191 wordsEmail id: [email protected] (mother)[email protected] (father)[email protected] (teacher)Contact Number: +91 92056 30943 (mother)+91 92051 26526(father)+91 99303 99119(teacher)School Name: Podar International SchoolShagun Building, Linking RoadKhar

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