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Xmas Gifts for the Card Game Fan in your life Christmas is just around the corner, but are you prepared? You’ve already sorted the pressies for Mum and Dad, your Nephew and your long-suffering other half, but hold on! What about your Bessie that loves a cheeky little gamble? This year, instead of the mad Christmas Eve dash round Tesco’s, walking away with a measly box of box Quality Streets, take a look through some of our gift ideas for the card game fan in your life and take your gifting skills to the next level! We’re pretty sure we’ve found some extra special buys for any casino fan ensuring you put the perfect gift under their Christmas tree. 1) Custom playing cards Everyone has a deck of cards lying around and playing cards can be an awesomely dull gift to give to anyone, no matter how much they love to play table games.But wait, add your faces or images from a wild night out onto them and all of a sudden, they’ve become way more exciting.There are hundreds of UK sites online that offer the service of printing professional playing cards, customized to your exact specification. They’re sure to become your friend’s favourite deck. The great thing about this gift is that it’s totally up to you as to what goes on the cards!Be it photos of you and your mate having a banging time, their new baby, family pics or snaps of their favourite holiday destination — if you can dream it up, there’s a fairly good chance someone out there can print it for you.2) Casinopoly We’ve all played Monopoly. There is not a single person that can admit to having never played a never-ending game, where someone inevitably cheats just to end the damn thing. Well, If you have had a look around for board games recently, you know that there are billions of Monopoly variations coming out all the time. You think of it, they’ve already made it! But Casinopoly is quite different. It’s actually an add-on to your Monopoly game designed to shake things up when you play. In between passing Go and trying to buy ALL of the properties, you’ll go head-to-head with your mates in all sorts of casino games! It’s got everything from slots and roulette to blackjack and more. It’s definitely going to quickly become a casino fans favourite. 3) A Trip to the Casino What’s the ultimate gift for any gambler? Gambling – of course! So, if you fancy an almighty adventure, forget the popping to the shops. Get you and your mate an unforgettable weekend at their fave casino hangout. What could be better than spending some quality time with your mate (and money). Or if you’re feeling particularly generous, how about a trip to Vegas (it’s never a bad thing right?!). And If you play your cards right, it could very well be the first Christmas that actually gives back to your back balance! However, if that is all a bit too much, you could always suggest heading over to www.bgo.com and trying out some online casino instead! 4) Books on Gambling If you feel like playing it slightly safer than a trip to Vegas, getting your mate a book or selection of books about gambling is a pretty sensible choice, you can’t really go wrong as there are a vast collection of books on gambling that you can give a friend for Christmas.If, for example, your mate is a keen poker player there are some truly great publications teaching advanced poker moves that are undoubtable going to assist in upping their game.Some of the most well-known gamblers have written some extremely informative books, as well as some very well written autobiographies that would be a decent read for anyone who is enthusiastic about gambling. A lot of these books on gambling share an insight into some powerful strategies on how gamblers behave. Perfect bedtime reading if you ask us!5)    Gambling equipmentFinally, purchasing gambling paraphernalia is sure to make a wonderful and very special gift for the gambling fan in your life. There are so many varieties for you to choose from, depending on what game your mate likes to play you can buy some pretty cool stuff to aid their play:a) Custom poker setb) Chip kitc) Automatic card shufflerd) Gambling table tope) Roulette wheelf) Deck of playing cardsThere are plenty of online shops where you can order these items in time for Christmas. Just search “gambling equipment” and your search engine will suggest lots of options for you. You can always find auctions on eBay or Amazon too.

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