PUZZLES: S| K| U| N| K| X| R| O| W| L| S| H| A| O| L| L| W| O| V| E| T| F| C| H| E| B| E| S| T| D| O| H| E| A| R| I| N| E| O| P| O| S| S| U| M| R| N| G| O| F| A| L| L| B| T| O| A| D| S| S| T| A| B| I| R| D| R| E| G| D| A| B| S| G| O| H| E| G | D| E| H| See how quickly you can find these nocturnal animals. Write the letters that are left un-circled in the boxes below, and they will reveal a fact about one nocturnal animal. Find out these words in that box.

i) Skunkii) Red foxiii) Owliv) Opossumv) toads vi) Racoonvii) Hedgehogviii) badgerix) bats.Answers: S K U N K X R O W L S H A O A L W O V E T F C H E B E S T D O H E A R I N E O P O S S U M R N G O F A L L B T O A D S S T A B I R D R E G D A B S G O H E G D E H *WUZZLES: 1. Are you smart? To prove your smartness see if you can figure out what these words have in common. 1. Banana Answers: 2.

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Dresser In all the words listed, if you take 3.Grammarthe first letter, placed it at the End 4. Potatoof the word & the spell the Word 5. Revivebackwards, it will be the same 6. UnevenWord. 7. Assess * Brain Teasers:10 1.

Why are some letters above the Red line and some letters below? A E F H I K L M N T V W X Y Z B C D G J O P Q R S U ANS Answer: 1. The “Straight” letters are above the line and the “curvy” letters are below 2. How can you make the number seven even? Ans. Just take of the letters ‘s’ 3.

Which English word becomes shorter When you add two letters.Ans. The Word is “ short” add e and r to it and you have shorter. A? I??? A???? u IEi? ?? A?? ICo?? o ? i??? ??? C? o ?? Eo ??? ¦????? ??? ?n? UiI A? I§A A? Oo?? Io «? ±yE? A?? EA? OoA? y ?? AA? C? ¦AC? A? o IuUA? y a? Io ?? uoOo «Ay U??? C?.

«A?? u A??? ?? A? o ? n??? IEoA? y ?? AA? o O??? A? IA? y ¦? y? E AAo «Ay A??? ?A? A? Io ?????? ?? I IuUo ? OoA??? IA? o «Au A??? ?A? ¦AiIo AIi?? A??? o? o ? Ei?? Ao ?? o «? A «? A?? E? y «Ay A??? * Symbolic Words: Use the clues to find the Words. [email protected] ALOGCatalog ERSCheckersH & SOMEHandsome SP Sparrow TELEPH 1Telephone Ao? Ao A? Eo? «Oo?? E? o A? E? o A? E? «OA? y „?? §AE? Ao «Ay A??? ??? oO ¦A? i?? i ¦????? A?? Io o? Ii????. A? IoOi?? «? ±yE? ?EoA? y ? ACA???? y.

?n ?? A «Ay A??? ???? oA? i ICo?? §A ?? n? ¦?? E ? yU, A???? A? i??? ,?? §A?? ai??? , ?? oi???. «? ±yE? «o?? o §A? I? «E? Ao A?? o?? o ¦??? AA? o? A. ±UoO «? ±yE? ±n¦? A? o §?? oo §A? oO ±Io? ?O A? yEo ?? I.

OUiI «? ±yy? Ao?? O§A? E? O, ?? OoA? Ao?? O ¦?? oOiI ?? o Ai?? O. Ao «A? A??? ?? A? An?? Oo ¬? ?AiIo ? ? o ±oA? o U? E ? AiIo. ?? Ao °?? «? ±yy? Brain Teasers: 1. Why did the Boy eat his computer? Ans.

Because it was an Apple Computer. 2. Why was the computer so cold? Ans. It forgot to close it windows 3. What did the spider create when he was inside the computer? Ans. The World Wide Web 4.

How did the computer criminal get out of the Jail? Ans. He pressed the Escape key. 5. Why did the computer need glasses? Ans. To improve his Web sight.

6. What is the computer’s favourite dance? Ans. Disk – O By N. Pallavi BCA ‘B’ (1ST YEAR)



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