You talk about overfishing, how is it hurting

You may say that there are millions of fish and that our oceans are far from being impactedfrom fishing. In reality every single net has a huge impact on our oceans. Overfishing hasbecame a big problem all over our world. It is up to us to find out why overfishing is a factor,how is it affecting our oceans, and what are we doing to prevent this.Overfishing is a factor due to the fact that fisheries are not always strictly controlled orregulated. What exactly are fisheries doing to cause overfishing? “Illegal fishing accounts for anestimated 20% of the world’s catch and as much as 50% in some fisheries” ( 1).

When rules aren’t strictly enforced they tend to be broken. More fish means more money when itcomes to fisheries. “Pirate products estimated at between $10-$23.5 billion annually”( 1). That is money that should not be made. Most fisheries would not refuse anextra buck. If they believe that they won’t get caught, it is totally worth the risk for some fishingbusinesses.

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All of this is achievable due to lack of rules and regulation. Overfishing would not bea factor if this was eliminated. We talk about overfishing, how is it hurting our world’s oceans?The real problem with overfishing is the toll it is taking on our oceans. “Overfishing canwreak havoc and destroy the environment and marine ecology and completely disrupt the foodchain” (Jetson 1). Most fish are targeted by fisheries. When one fish is singled out and eliminatedfrom the ocean possibilities are endless. There are so many other fish and marine life that dependon that fish for life.

Some of those fish still have the chance to recover but a couple more netsand it maybe too late. “If the food chain breaks at any level, it will have a domino effect on allliving organisms in the chain” (Jetson 1). If you plan on hurting part of the ocean you might aswell just hurt it all. This is why overfishing is hurting our oceans so badly. In order for a foodchain to properly work every link is needed. We need to do whatever it takes to prevent thisdamage to the seas. This is what the world has done to defeat this problem.The people of the world are finally beginning to realize the impact that overfishing has on theoceans.

They are beginning to take a stand and are trying to add more rules and regulationsagainst it. “Fisheries are encouraged to stick to their quota to limit the number of fish caught atanytime” (eSchooltoday 1). This is a big rule due to the fact that it can completely preventfisheries from overfishing. Once a limit is met fisheries are required to shutdown all fishing.”Fishing gear that catch tiny or baby fishes are discouraged to help the little fish grow. Onlylarge net-mesh are allowed in some areas” (eSchooltoday 1). This rule is also so importantbecause little fish need their opportunity and chance to grow and develop.

These fish are key tothe future of our world’s oceans. There hasn’t been much to prevent overfishing but this is a start.There is so much more we can do to kill this problem once and for all.Overfishing can easily be destroyed by several different ways. There are many rules andregulations but there are so many problems with them. The world really needs to push for andmake these rules strict, not only is some parts of the ocean but all. If illegal fishing is eliminated,quotas are enforced, and if we keep the future fish alive, there will be a big change.

The earth’soceans will once again grow and thrive.In the end overfishing is unnecessary and has taken a huge toll on the oceans. We has humansneed to accept what we have done and make a change. This problem can completely be avoided.

With some changes in rules and enforcing, overfishing will be nonexistent. Once certain speciesbecome eliminated, there is no chance of getting them back. Are we just going to stand back andwatch as the fish species become endangered or are we going to save our fish?

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