Your try to hide away from the paparazzi

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Instructor NameCourse NumberDateCelebrities are always under the public eye. The media and fans are always keeping a close eyes on their strange behavior. They are always in the public eye even their family. Tabloids and magazines publish various articles about the lifestyle of the rich and famous and their drama. Journalist do not always share the truth about the celebrities which is called gossip. The paparazzi will sneak to get photos which doesn’t show them in a good light. They capture these photos to attract more readers. Celebrities are people too should they also have privacy? The celebrities try to hide away from the paparazzi and sometimes they can end up a deadly result. For example, Princess Diana died because the paparazzi was following her and the bright lights distracted the driver and she ended up dead. “The Bill of Rights guarantees certain fundamental citizen’s rights in the private sphere against encroachment by the government, such as the Fourth Amendment’s “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,” but rights against encroachment of one’s privacy by other private parties have traditionally been the domain of state law, under physical torts of trespass, intrusion, and the like” (Seiter).

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