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Yu-Ting WangProfessor SmithMCWP 50January 25, 2018Research ProposalI will be exploring the gender inequality between men and women on the wage imparity; For example, the wage differential between men and women, and the extremely low number of women work in an executive position in the company. The issue of gender inequality has been discussed for a long time, and people seem to consider it as an important society topic that need to be solved or improved. In modern society, women have the equal opportunity of education as men, and the article points out that women’s performance at school is better than men. For instance, the ratio of women graduating from undergraduate is higher than men. Then, the question of why women get lower paid than men rise to my head. If women have the same ability as men, why women cannot get the same paid. It is unfair, and this issue needs to be paid attention to. I hope that I will know more about this serious social issue, and I might be able to come up with a solution or a way to solve the problem of gender inequality. According to Julia Carpenter in the article “Women in the FORTUNE 500: 64 CEOs in a half century” points out the low rate of the women CEO. After I read the article, question of why the number of the women work in executive position is extremely low pop up to my head. Although the number has increased a little, the ratio is still low. Moreover, questions like why women cannot be part of the leadership of the top companies within the fortune 500, and what are the reasons of this unfair fact rise in my head after reading other related articles. For instance, Francine Blau states that the answers of why women paid less than men could be discrimination, the job that the women choose, and the role of being a mother. Blau presents the possible answers of the issue, and she explains that the discrimination still exist, so a lot of women have difficulty to find a job. She also indicates that one of the reasons that women are paid less is that they will stop working after having children, and they will not be able to spend more time on work compared to men. She suggests that once people know the reason of why the problem arise, we should try to change the consequence. However, as a woman, this article motivates me to do more research on it in order to figure out the possible reasons. I will use the sources such as some journal article that indicate the gender inequality, and also some scholars that have been put their effort into the related field of women’s right and equal employment opportunity. In those journal articles, some analyze the situation of the gender inequality on wage or other possible variables.  In addition, visual source like TED Women can also be a useful source because the speakers have strong background of the topic. Those speaker has been focused on the women issue for a long time, and some of them are the CEO of a company. Because their background and experiences, those sources can be reliable. At first, the most difficult challenge is to set a topic, or come up with a research question because it is hard to narrow down before doing research. During the research process, it is easily to make changes on the topic or the content because there is more information that might against the original thoughts. Also, it might be hard to find the journal article to support my argument in a short time, so finding a way to solve this problem is important. In addition, after discussed about my topic and ideas with the professor after class, I need to do some adjustments. Some sources cannot be in the paper anymore, so I need to do more research. Getting help from the librarian can be extremely helpful on doing the research because they can help us find the sources that I need the most.Work CitedCarpenter, Julia. “Women in the Fortune 500: 64 CEOs in Half a Century.” CNN Money, 7 Aug. 2017, money.cnn.com/interactive/pf/female-ceos-timeline/.Weissmann, Jordan. “Why Are Women Paid Less?” The Atlantic, 17 Oct. 2012, www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/10/why-are-women-paid-less/263776/.

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