s positioning gave priority to

Zipcar´s positioning gave priority to its service concerning the reasonable and inexpensive option of owning a car. It states that by using a Zipcar car instead of owning a car, you are not only saving money but you are also taking care of the environment. This service is greatly convenient for individuals living on crowded cities. It is not worth it to own a car if you live in crowded neighborhoods, and Zipcar has the ideal solution for that. Zipcar provides their customers a variety of vehicles to choose from, for their ride. Moreover, the company is not trying to target their service to everyone. Their focus targets on a closely marked urban lifestyle positioning.
2. Describe the beliefs and values associated with Zipcar’s brand image.
At first, this car service brand was positioned around the urban and lifestyle brand. This lifestyle focused on environmental awareness, and customers with the same environmental belief such as, “We love earth.” Also, this Zipcar´s brand image was concentrated on being beneficial and effective. This car service company decided to place cars close to clients, that way they would receive the service quickly. Additionally, customers were able to arrange their reservations very easy and quick. Zipcar not only provides an environmentally protective service, but also a convenient and accessible drive.

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